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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



131012 Henderson Compac 50 Manual Pump

Price: AUD$151.00

131016 Henderson MK5 Single Action Pump

Price: AUD$183.00

131019 Whale Toilet Waste & Bilge Pump

Price: AUD$211.00

131022 Henderson MK5 Double Action Pump

Price: AUD$756.00

131030 Whale Gusher 30 Manual Bilge Pump

Price: AUD$1,245.00

131034 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Pump

Price: AUD$457.00

131038 Whale Gusher Titan Bulkhead Mount Pump

Price: AUD$189.00

131039 Whale Gusher Titan Thru Deck Mount Pump

Price: AUD$253.00

131044 Whale Gusher Urchin Fixed Handle Pump

Price: AUD$111.00

131045 Whale Gusher Urchin Thru Deck Pump

Price: AUD$166.00

131046 Whale Gusher Urchin Removable Handle Pump

Price: AUD$134.00

131060 Portable hand bilge pump

Price: AUD$42.10

131102 25mm Plastic Elbow

Price: AUD$12.10

131104 38mm Plastic Elbow

Price: AUD$13.00

131106 38mm Plastic Y Connector

Price: AUD$16.10

131112 Non Return Valve 19mm

Price: AUD$28.90

131114 Non Return Valve 25-38mm

Price: AUD$31.60

131116 Side Exit Strum Box

Price: AUD$54.90

131118 Top Exit Strum Box

Price: AUD$54.90

131124 Two Way Diverter Valve 25mm

Price: AUD$162.00

131126 Two Way Diverter Valve 38mm

Price: AUD$162.00

131138 Y Diverter Valve - suits 38mm hose

Price: AUD$163.00

131150 Henderson MK5 Pumps Thru Deck Kit

Price: AUD$95.70

131154 Whale Gusher 30 Thru Deck Conversion Kit

Price: AUD$174.00

131156 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Alloy Thru Deck Kit

Price: AUD$119.00

131158 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Plastic Thru Deck Kit

Price: AUD$54.60

131188 Chimp Mk 1 & 2 diaphragm stud.

Price: AUD$6.40

131189 Chimp Mk 1 & 2 diaphragm plate

Price: AUD$7.50

131190 Chimp Mk 1 & 2 diaphragm nut

Price: AUD$4.00

131193 Diaphragm neoprene

Price: AUD$23.30

131194 Diaphragm nitrile

Price: AUD$21.20

131197 Chimp Mk 1 & 2 fulcrum pin

Price: AUD$6.40

131198 Pin hinge to suit Chimp 1 & 2

Price: AUD$4.30

131199 Circlip to suit Chimp 1, 2 & Urchin

Price: AUD$1.90

131202 Chimp MK1 Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$189.00

131204 Chimp MK1 Spare Removable Handle

Price: AUD$52.80

131206 Chimp MK1 Rocker Arm Kit

Price: AUD$48.50

131208 Chimp MK1 Spare Fixed Handle

Price: AUD$60.80

131210 Plate Clamping Kit to suit Chimp 1

Price: AUD$51.50

131212 Ring Clamping Kit to suit Chimp 1

Price: AUD$48.50

131220 Henderson Chimp MK2 Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$65.20

131222 Henderson Chimp MK2 Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$65.10

131227 Diaphragm Neoprene to suit Chimp 2

Price: AUD$19.10

131228 Valve Inlet to suit Chimp 2 & Urchin

Price: AUD$2.90

131229 Valve kit for 131114

Price: AUD$6.30

131230 Compac 50 & Gusher Flusher Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$91.40

131231 Compac 50 Deck Plate Kit

Price: AUD$57.60

131232 Compac 50 Spare Handle

Price: AUD$58.91

131234 Compac 50 Deck Plate Kit Rocker Arm

Price: AUD$71.10

131238 Compac 50 Diaphragm

Price: AUD$13.40

131239 Compac 50 Rocker Arm

Price: AUD$8.50

131240 Henderson MK5 SA & Whale Flusher Service Kit

Price: AUD$104.01

131242 Henderson MK5 SA & Whale Flusher Spare Handle

Price: AUD$46.00

131243 Henderson MK5 SA Rocker Arm Assembly - Thru Deck

Price: AUD$186.00

131244 Henderson MK5 SA Rocker Arm Assembly - Bulkhead

Price: AUD$73.00

131246 Henderson MK5 SA Diaphragm Plate & Pivot

Price: AUD$71.10

131249 Diaphragm only - nitrile

Price: AUD$19.10

131250 Henderson MK5 Double Action Pump Service Kit

Price: AUD$152.00

131252 Henderson MK5 Double Action Pump Spare Handle

Price: AUD$87.51

131254 Henderson MK5 Double Action Pump Rocker Arm Kit

Price: AUD$134.00

131256 Henderson MK5 Double Action Pump Plate Clamp Kit

Price: AUD$142.00

131258 Compac 50 Inlet Valve

Price: AUD$3.10

131259 Compac 50 Outlet Valve

Price: AUD$10.30

131260 Gusher 30 pump service kit - neoprene

Price: AUD$150.00

131262 Gusher 30 Pump removable handle

Price: AUD$166.00

131264 Gusher 30 Pump Gaiter Kit

Price: AUD$28.60

131270 Whale Gusher 25 Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$195.00

131280 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$96.31

131281 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$96.31

131282 Whale Gusher 10 & Titan Pump Handle

Price: AUD$62.21

131283 Whale Gusher Titan Underdeck Operating Kit

Price: AUD$60.80

131284 Whale Gusher 10 MK3 Eye Bolt Assembly

Price: AUD$114.00

131290 Whale Gusher Titan Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$72.90

131291 Whale Gusher Titan Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$72.90

131292 Whale Gusher Titan Plate Clamp Kit

Price: AUD$57.40

131294 Whale Gusher Titan Rocker Arm Kit

Price: AUD$56.90

131296 Whale Gusher Titan Clamp Ring Kit

Price: AUD$102.00

131298 Whale Gusher Titan U/Deck Clamp Ring Kit

Price: AUD$122.00

131300 Whale Gusher Urchin Nitrile Service Kit

Price: AUD$54.20

131301 Whale Gusher Urchin Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$54.20

131302 Whale Gusher Urchin Spare Removable Handle

Price: AUD$64.90

131304 Whale Gusher Urchin Fixed Handle Kit

Price: AUD$59.40

131306 Whale Gusher Urchin Remonable Handle Kit

Price: AUD$56.90

131308 Whale Gusher Urchin Clamp Ring-Above deck only

Price: AUD$77.10

131312 Clamp plate kit

Price: AUD$39.70

131320 Diaphragm neoprene

Price: AUD$12.30

131324 Gusher 8 Neoprene Service Kit

Price: AUD$57.50

131332 Gulper Toilet Pump - Service Kit

Price: AUD$69.00

131336 Service Kit to suit Gulper 320

Price: AUD$65.20

131410 Whale Orca Bilge Pump 12 volt 500GPH

Price: AUD$32.90

131414 Whale Orca Bilge Pump 12 volt 950 GPH

Price: AUD$55.90

131418 Whale Orca Bilge Pump 12 volt 1300 GPH

Price: AUD$70.10

131422 Whale Orca Bilge Pump 24 volt 1300 GPH

Price: AUD$75.80

131540 TMC repair kit to suit 500 & 1000

Price: AUD$6.80

131542 TMC repair kit to suit 1500 & 2000

Price: AUD$11.00

131544 TMC repair kit to suit 2500 & 3000

Price: AUD$11.20

131554 Tsunami bilge pump T500 12V

Price: AUD$61.60

131556 Tsunami bilge pump T800 12V

Price: AUD$95.40

131558 Tsunami bilge pump T1200 12V

Price: AUD$108.00

131576 Attwood 1700GPH H/D Pump

Price: AUD$164.00

131578 Attwood 2000GPH H/D Pump

Price: AUD$186.00

131580 Sahara 500 Auto Pump - 12v

Price: AUD$144.00

131582 Sahara 750 Auto Pump - 12v

Price: AUD$213.00

131584 Sahara 1100 Auto Pump - 12v

Price: AUD$259.00

131590 TMC Compact Bilge Pump

Price: AUD$35.00

131592 TMC Compact 900GPH Bilge Pump

Price: AUD$49.90

131600 TMC Bilge Pump 500 12V

Price: AUD$55.80

131602 TMC Bilge Pump 1000 12V

Price: AUD$68.60

131603 TMC Bilge Pump 1500 12V

Price: AUD$96.40

131604 TMC Bilge Pump 2000 12V

Price: AUD$103.00

131606 TMC Bilge Pump 2500 12V

Price: AUD$161.00

131608 TMC Bilge Pump 3000 12V

Price: AUD$171.00

131613 TMC Bilge Pump 1500 24V

Price: AUD$99.90

131614 TMC Bilge Pump 2000 24V

Price: AUD$106.00

131616 TMC Bilge Pump 2500 24V

Price: AUD$163.00

131618 TMC Bilge Pump 3000 24V

Price: AUD$174.00

131654 500 Whale Super Sub Bilge Pump

Price: AUD$64.90

131656 Whale Supersub Smart650

Price: AUD$152.00

131672 Whale Fresh IC

Price: AUD$177.00

131688 Whale Float Switch

Price: AUD$64.80

131692 Sure Bail Float Switch

Price: AUD$60.50

131694 TMC Automatic Float Switch

Price: AUD$30.00

131696 Float Switch With Cover - Attwood

Price: AUD$50.40

131698 Mini Submersible Electric Pump

Price: AUD$29.80

131699 Tsunami aerator pump T500 12V

Price: AUD$95.40

131700 Tsunami aerator pump T800 12V

Price: AUD$111.00

131707 90┬_ Mount Bracket

Price: AUD$7.80

131710 Livewell pump system (131699, 131707 & 131720)

Price: AUD$116.00

131712 Multi Purpose Aerator Kit

Price: AUD$65.30

131714 Portable Anglers Aerator Kit

Price: AUD$52.40

131717 Straight tail 3/4" NPT to 19mm hose

Price: AUD$6.30

131718 TMC Bait Bubbler

Price: AUD$40.50

131719 90┬_ tail 3/4" NPT to 19mm hose

Price: AUD$6.20

131720 Adjustable spray head to suit 19mm hose

Price: AUD$13.30

131722 90┬_ Aerator Head

Price: AUD$20.90

131726 Livewell Aerator Control

Price: AUD$229.00

131730 Aerator Rail with Control Valve

Price: AUD$32.70

131734 Moulded plastic intake strainer ┬ż" NPT

Price: AUD$23.20

131736 Stainless steel mesh intake strainer ┬ż" NPT

Price: AUD$33.20

131779 Over Flow Drain with Strainer - Straight

Price: AUD$24.90

131780 Over Flow Drain with Strainer - 90┬_

Price: AUD$42.10

131796 Bait Tank Aerator Plumbing Kit

Price: AUD$83.70

131822 Remote Control Diverter Valve

Price: AUD$151.00

131966 Bait tank pick up s/s

Price: AUD$94.11

131968 Live Well Overflow Drain - 90┬_ Elbow Outlet

Price: AUD$46.81

131970 Live Well Overflow Drain Tube - Pop In

Price: AUD$64.00

131972 Overflow Fitting - Straight Outlet

Price: AUD$23.80

131974 Overflow Fitting - 90┬_ Elbow Outlet

Price: AUD$42.20

131990 Replacement clear lid

Price: AUD$80.00

131991 Replacement float switch

Price: AUD$70.00

131996 Grey waste sump & pump 12 Volt

Price: AUD$256.00

131998 Grey waste sump & pump 24 Volt

Price: AUD$278.00

132003 Whale Grey Waste Tank Dual Voltage 12V or 24V

Price: AUD$426.00

132010 Gulper Toilet Pump - 12 Volt

Price: AUD$678.00

132012 Gulper Toilet Pump - 24 Volt

Price: AUD$677.00

132014 Whale Gulper 320 Waste Pump 12V

Price: AUD$450.00

132015 Whale Gulper 320 Waste Pump 24V

Price: AUD$440.00

132020 Whale Gulper® IC

Price: AUD$523.00

132026 Whale Gulper® IC

Price: AUD$523.00

132070 Whale Two Way Manifold IC

Price: AUD$166.00

132074 Whale Two Way Manifold IC

Price: AUD$153.00

132080 Whale Two Way Manifold IC

Price: AUD$166.00

132090 Whale 6m extension cable

Price: AUD$174.00

132100 Manual Sump Pump

Price: AUD$36.40

132196 Bronze impeller pump

Price: AUD$293.00

132202 12 Volt Impeller Pump

Price: AUD$191.00

132204 24 Volt Impeller Pump

Price: AUD$195.00

132210 Toilet Macerator Pump - 12 Volt

Price: AUD$246.00

132212 Toilet Macerator Pump - 24 Volt

Price: AUD$250.00

133002 Galley Foot Pump

Price: AUD$88.40

133038 Galley Lift Pump - Alloy

Price: AUD$49.60

133040 Galley Lift Pump Alloy

Price: AUD$49.60

133050 V Pump Mk6 Manual Galley Pump

Price: AUD$117.00

133054 Flipper Mk4 Galley Pump

Price: AUD$158.00

133058 Baby Foot Pump Mk2

Price: AUD$55.90

133062 Gusher Galley Mk3 Manual Galley Pump

Price: AUD$139.00

133102 Whale Supersub 881 Galley Pump 12 volt

Price: AUD$72.11

133103 Supersub 881 Galley Pump 24 volt

Price: AUD$91.50

133104 Supersub 921 Galley Pump

Price: AUD$99.20

133106 Premium GP1392 Galley Pump

Price: AUD$61.50

133108 High Flow GP1692 Galley Pump

Price: AUD$102.00

133114 Portable Pump Kit Model 921

Price: AUD$172.00

133118 Portable Shower Kit - 12 Volt

Price: AUD$51.50

133120 Mini Electric Galley Pump

Price: AUD$60.50

133150 Coiled Deck Wash Hose With Mount Pod

Price: AUD$78.71

133200 Deck Wash Hand Nozzle (A)

Price: AUD$15.80

133201 Deck Wash Nozzle Kit (A, B & C)

Price: AUD$24.50

133202 Quick connect Hose Fitting (B)

Price: AUD$6.60

133204 Quick Connect Nozzle Adaptor (C)

Price: AUD$2.30

133230 Universal pressure pump 12V

Price: AUD$195.00

133233 Universal pressure pump 24V

Price: AUD$202.00

133234 Universal pressure pump 12V

Price: AUD$188.00

133235 Universal pressure pump 12V

Price: AUD$293.00

133236 Universal pressure pump 24V

Price: AUD$321.00

133251 Replacement pump head assembly

Price: AUD$109.00

133252 Filter assembly

Price: AUD$24.00

133260 Whale Fresh IC

Price: AUD$563.00

133264 Whale Fresh IC

Price: AUD$563.00

133290 Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit

Price: AUD$282.00

133292 Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit

Price: AUD$282.00

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