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BLA Trailer Parts

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue in a new window by clicking on the image above.  Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



211106 Superwinch T2000

Price: AUD$649.00

211112 Powerwinch Remote S3000

Price: AUD$1,494.00

211116 Powerwinch Remote S4000

Price: AUD$1,587.00

211118 Powerwinch Remote S5000

Price: AUD$1,705.00

211200 Electric Trailer Winch - Portable

Price: AUD$199.00

211210 Electric Trailer Winch - 2000

Price: AUD$240.00

211212 Electric Trailer Winch - 2500

Price: AUD$351.00

211222 Electric Trailer Winch - 3000

Price: AUD$416.00

211224 Electric Trailer Winch - 3500

Price: AUD$485.00

211602 Economy Winch - 3:1 Single Pawl - 270kgs

Price: AUD$49.30

211606 Economy Winch - 3:1 Single Pawl - 380kgs

Price: AUD$49.70

211610 Economy Winch - 4:1 Single Pawl - 450kgs

Price: AUD$51.90

211614 Economy Winch - 4:1 Triple Pawl - 545kgs

Price: AUD$57.60

211618 Economy Winch - 4:1 Triple Pawl - 636kgs

Price: AUD$61.11

211634 Economy Dual Gear Winch - 727kgs

Price: AUD$65.70

211638 Economy Dual Gear Winch - 900kgs

Price: AUD$63.70

211644 Two Speed Winch 9.8/4:1

Price: AUD$99.80

211648 Two Speed Winch & Brake 12/5:1

Price: AUD$129.00

211656 Brake Winch 4:1 - 500kgs

Price: AUD$93.20

211664 Brake Winch 4:1 - 730kgs

Price: AUD$102.00

211670 Winch - Worm Drive - 700kgs

Price: AUD$110.00

211720 Jarrett Winch 3:1 - No Cable

Price: AUD$95.21

211900 Atlantic Winch 3:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$90.90

211902 Atlantic Winch 3:1 with 6m x 4mm Cable

Price: AUD$98.20

211904 Atlantic Winch 3:1 with 4.5m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$98.20

211906 Atlantic Winch 3:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$105.00

211908 Atlantic Winch 3:1 with 6m x 4mm Cable

Price: AUD$111.00

211910 Atlantic Winch 3:1 with 6m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$113.00

211912 Atlantic Winch 5:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$113.00

211914 Atlantic Winch 5:1 with 6m x 4mm Cable

Price: AUD$120.00

211916 Atlantic Winch 5:1 with 6m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$121.00

211918 Atlantic Winch 5/1:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$131.00

211920 Atlantic Winch 5/1:1 with 7.5m x 5mm Cable

Price: AUD$140.00

211922 Atlantic Winch 5/1:1 with 7.5m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$142.00

211924 Atlantic Winch 10/5/1:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$164.00

211926 Atlantic Winch 10/5/1:1 with 7.5m x 5mm Cable

Price: AUD$172.00

211928 Atlantic Winch 10/5/1:1 with 7.5m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$174.00

211930 Atlantic Winch 15/5/1:1 No Cable

Price: AUD$268.00

211932 Atlantic Winch 15/5/1:1 with 7.5m x 6mm Cable

Price: AUD$279.00

211934 Atlantic Winch 15/5/1:1 with 7.5m x 50mm Webbing

Price: AUD$279.00

211944 Atlantic Brake Winch 5:1 with No Cable

Price: AUD$294.00

211946 Atlantic Brake Winch 5:1 with 7.5m x 5mm Cable

Price: AUD$298.00

211948 Atlantic Brake Winch 10:1 with No Cable

Price: AUD$320.00

211950 Atlantic Brake Winch 10:1 with 7.5m x 6mm Cable

Price: AUD$341.00

212256 Winch Handle

Price: AUD$16.50

212262 Hexagonal Winch Handle 22mm

Price: AUD$27.10

212310 Replacement bush & pin kit

Price: AUD$29.21

212346 Pawl 32mm

Price: AUD$19.31

212348 Pawl 36mm

Price: AUD$19.31

212354 Replacement pinion 10:1

Price: AUD$58.60

212376 Replacement brake pad set

Price: AUD$29.21

212892 Winch Strap 4.5mx50mm

Price: AUD$21.80

212894 Winch Strap 6.0mx50mm

Price: AUD$25.20

212896 Winch Strap 8.0mx50mm

Price: AUD$29.50

212906 Winch Cable 4.5mx4mm

Price: AUD$17.60

212908 Winch Cable 6.0mx4mm

Price: AUD$21.20

212910 Winch Cable 6.0mx5mm

Price: AUD$24.40

212912 Winch Cable 8.0mx5mm

Price: AUD$28.60

212914 Winch Cable 10.0mx5mm

Price: AUD$28.20

212920 Winch Cable 6.0mx4mm & Snap Hook

Price: AUD$24.50

212922 Winch Cable 7.5mx5mm & Snap Hook

Price: AUD$27.40

212924 Winch Cable 10.0mx5mm & Snap Hook

Price: AUD$30.70

212990 Trailer winch hook 92mm

Price: AUD$7.30

212992 Trailer winch hook 108mm

Price: AUD$8.90

213004 Rubber Bow Roller 78mm

Price: AUD$5.20

213008 STD Rubber Keel Roller & Bush 113mm

Price: AUD$8.31

213012 Rubber Bilge Roller & Bush 114

Price: AUD$16.40

213020 STD Rubber Keel Roller & Bush 152mm

Price: AUD$10.60

213028 STD Rubber Keel Roller & Bush 201mm

Price: AUD$12.90

213032 Rubber Dog Bone Roller 201mm

Price: AUD$12.90

213050 Wobble Roller 87mm

Price: AUD$15.40

213058 Poly Bow Roller

Price: AUD$11.20

213064 STD Poly Keel Roller 113mm

Price: AUD$22.90

213068 STD Poly Keel Roller 148mm

Price: AUD$29.60

213072 STD Poly Keel Roller 203mm

Price: AUD$34.71

213076 Self Centring Poly Roller 153mm

Price: AUD$29.30

213080 Self Centring Poly Roller 205mm

Price: AUD$63.00

213132 PVC Skid Padding Per Metre

Price: AUD$14.70

213136 PVC Skid Padding 50m Roll

Price: AUD$408.00

214006 Replacement amber lens

Price: AUD$10.70

214008 Replacement red lens

Price: AUD$10.70

214010 Replacement lens with white insert

Price: AUD$17.30

214020 Large Waterproof LED Trailer Lights

Price: AUD$88.61

214030 Submersible Trailer Lamp

Price: AUD$92.40

214041 Replacement Clear Lens

Price: AUD$21.30

214043 Replacement combo lense

Price: AUD$18.40

214044 Combination Trailer Lamp Square

Price: AUD$19.31

214045 Replacement lens for 214044

Price: AUD$8.50

214046 Trailer Light Board 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$85.40

214048 Trailer Light Board 7 Pin Round Large

Price: AUD$85.40

214050 Trailer Light Board 7 Pin Round Small

Price: AUD$85.40

214052 Trailer Light Board 7 Pin Round Small

Price: AUD$90.60

214054 Trailer Light Board 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$90.60

214064 Trailer Elec Cable 5 Wire - 30m reel

Price: AUD$81.00

214065 Trailer Elec Cable 5 Wire - 100m reel

Price: AUD$253.00

214066 Trailer Elec Cable 7 Wire - 30m reel

Price: AUD$136.00

214067 Trailer Elec Cable 7 Wire - 100m reel

Price: AUD$426.00

214080 Seven Pin Flat Plug

Price: AUD$7.50

214082 Large Seven Pin Round Plug

Price: AUD$11.00

214084 Small Six Pin Round Plug

Price: AUD$7.50

214086 Small Seven Pin Round Plug

Price: AUD$9.20

214087 Seven Pin Flat Socket

Price: AUD$7.80

214088 Small Six Pin Round Socket

Price: AUD$11.80

214089 Large Seven Pin Round Socket

Price: AUD$13.40

214090 Small Seven Pin Round Socket

Price: AUD$12.71

214092 Small 7 Pin Round to Small 6 Pin Round

Price: AUD$26.50

214094 Small 6 Pin Round - Small 7 Pin Round

Price: AUD$25.40

214096 Small 6 Pin Round - 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$20.80

214098 Small 7 Pin Round - 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$22.70

214100 7 Pin Flat - Small 6 Pin Round

Price: AUD$24.30

214102 7 Pin Flat - Small 7 Pin Round

Price: AUD$25.10

214104 Large 5 Pin Round - 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$27.60

214106 Large 7 Pin Round - 7 Pin Flat

Price: AUD$29.30

214108 7 Pin Flat - Large 5 Pin Round

Price: AUD$30.00

214110 7 Pin Flat - Large 7 Pin Round

Price: AUD$31.41

214112 Large 7 Pin Round - Small 7 Pin Round

Price: AUD$35.10

215004 Octopus Strap 450mm

Price: AUD$4.70

215008 Octopus Strap 600mm

Price: AUD$5.40

215012 Octopus Strap 750mm

Price: AUD$5.50

215016 Octopus Strap 900mm

Price: AUD$6.20

215020 Octopus Strap 1200mm

Price: AUD$8.00

215022 Octopus Strap 300mm - S/S Hook

Price: AUD$10.90

215024 Octopus Strap 500mm - S/S Hook

Price: AUD$11.70

215026 Octopus Strap 800mm - S/S Hook

Price: AUD$12.80

215028 Octopus Strap 1000mm - S/S Hook

Price: AUD$13.81

215032 Heavy Duty Rubber Strap 515mm

Price: AUD$6.20

215034 Heavy Duty Rubber Strap 700mm

Price: AUD$6.50

215036 Heavy Duty Rubber Strap 930mm

Price: AUD$10.90

215040 Flat Bungee Strap Green 300mm

Price: AUD$7.90

215042 Flat Bungee Strap Blue 600mm

Price: AUD$9.70

215044 Flat Bungee Strap Yellow 900mm

Price: AUD$12.00

215046 LD Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$18.60

215048 HD 700Kg Over Boat Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$25.70

215050 HD 1400Kg Over Boat Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$53.20

215052 HD Over Boat Ratchet Tie Down with Swivel

Price: AUD$57.00

215060 HD 800 Kg Transom Ratchet Tie Downs

Price: AUD$53.20

215062 HD 500 Kg Transom Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$61.90

215064 S/S HD Over Boat Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$49.10

215066 S/S HD Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$116.00

215068 HD S/S Transom Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$80.70

215070 S/S HD Transom Ratchet Tie Down (Pair)

Price: AUD$93.40

215074 Ratchet Tie Down Small

Price: AUD$18.80

215076 Ratchet Tie Down Large

Price: AUD$36.30

215080 LD 500 Kg Over Boat Lever Action Tie Down

Price: AUD$32.70

215082 S/S MD Over Boat Lever Action Tie Down

Price: AUD$61.70

215106 Tie Down Straps

Price: AUD$14.20

215108 Transom Tie Down

Price: AUD$44.20

215110 Tie Downs

Price: AUD$32.10

215112 HD Transom Cam Lock Tie Down

Price: AUD$46.81

215114 Light Duty Roof Rack Tie Downs (Pair)

Price: AUD$23.71

215118 HD Transom Jet Ski Ratchet Tie Down

Price: AUD$28.20

215131 Tow Strap

Price: AUD$43.80

215132 Recovery Strap

Price: AUD$94.11

215140 HD Protection Pad - Blue Pair

Price: AUD$22.70

215141 HD Protection Pad - Red Pair

Price: AUD$22.70

215144 HD Protection Pad - Blue Pair

Price: AUD$29.70

215145 HD Protection Pad - Red Pair

Price: AUD$25.70

215148 Registration Label Holder - Round (Suits WA)

Price: AUD$2.20

215150 Registration Label Holder

Price: AUD$1.30

215152 Holden Wheel Bearing Kit

Price: AUD$35.30

215154 Ford Wheel Bearing Kit

Price: AUD$48.00

215166 Plastic Bearing Lubricator

Price: AUD$20.60

215170 Chromed Bearing Protectors

Price: AUD$28.20

215174 Spare Rubber Wheel

Price: AUD$18.40

215176 Spare wheel complete with tyre and tube

Price: AUD$36.91

215178 Spare Inner Tube

Price: AUD$14.70

215181 Jockey wheel - solid wheel swing away

Price: AUD$69.50

215182 Jockey Wheel Fixed Clamp - Solid wheel

Price: AUD$58.80

215183 Jockey Wheel Swing Clamp - Solid wheel

Price: AUD$87.00

215184 Spare Clamp For 215182 & 215185

Price: AUD$18.21

215187 Jockey Wheel Swing Bracket - Pneumatic wheel

Price: AUD$125.00

215189 Jockey wheel heavy duty solid wheel fixed mount

Price: AUD$140.00

215190 Trailer Dolly

Price: AUD$105.00

215191 Jockey wheel heavy duty solid wheel swivel mount

Price: AUD$157.00

215192 Tow Ball

Price: AUD$18.60

215198 Chrome Towball Cover

Price: AUD$5.50

215203 Coupling Lock - Small (No Padlock)

Price: AUD$25.10

215204 Coupling Lock - Small (With Padlock)

Price: AUD$57.40

215205 Coupling Lock - Large (No Padlock)

Price: AUD$32.51

215206 Coupling Lock - Large (With Padlock)

Price: AUD$39.90

215218 Outboard Motor Support - Spring Loaded

Price: AUD$58.00

215220 Telescopic Outboard Motor Bracket Support

Price: AUD$47.70

215221 Replacement sleeve to suit 215220

Price: AUD$5.60

215224 Trailer Fitting Bolt On

Price: AUD$8.10

215226 Trailer Fitting Clamp On - 50x25

Price: AUD$10.90

215228 Trailer Fitting Clamp On - 50x50

Price: AUD$13.30

215232 Trailer Fitting Clamp On - 75x38

Price: AUD$14.20

215234 Trailer Fitting Clamp On - 75x50

Price: AUD$15.20

345002 Non-Skid Trailer Patches - 310X160mm - Pair

Price: AUD$25.91

345004 Non-Skid Trailer Patches - 900X160mm - Pair

Price: AUD$61.00

G211110 Superwinch - USA

Price: AUD$0.00

G211212 Electric Trailer Winches

Price: AUD$0.00

G211602 Trailer Winches - Economy

Price: AUD$0.00

G211614 Trailer Winches - Triple Pawl

Price: AUD$0.00

G211634 Trailer Winches - Dual Gear Drive

Price: AUD$0.00

G211644 Trailer Winch - Two Speed

Price: AUD$0.00

G211656 Trailer Winches - With Brakes

Price: AUD$0.00

G211900 Atlantic Compact Winch 300kg 3:1

Price: AUD$0.00

G211906 Atlantic Winch 500 kg 3:1

Price: AUD$0.00

G211912 Atlantic Winch 500 kg 5:1

Price: AUD$0.00

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