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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



181006 Quick Disconnect Swivel Seat and Base

Price: AUD$168.00

181020 Quick Disconnect Swivel Seat and Base - Grey Pads

Price: AUD$316.00

181022 Quick Disconnect Swivel Seat and Base - Blue Pads

Price: AUD$316.00

181024 Quick Disconnect Swivel Seat and Base - Teal Pads

Price: AUD$244.00

181028 Seat Cushion 1m

Price: AUD$33.90

181032 Seat Cushion 1.3m

Price: AUD$39.70

181040 Seat Cushion 600mm

Price: AUD$64.80

181044 Seat Cushion 1200mm

Price: AUD$119.00

181046 Seat Cushion 1500mm

Price: AUD$183.00

181047 Stand-Up Pro Seat Grey

Price: AUD$51.60

181074 Standard Skipper Cushion, Blue, Grey & White

Price: AUD$73.50

181076 Skipper Seat

Price: AUD$83.50

181083 Standard Skipper Cushion, Teal & Grey

Price: AUD$73.50

181084 Standard Skipper Cushion, Blue & White

Price: AUD$73.50

181086 Standard Skipper Cushion, Charcoal & Grey

Price: AUD$73.50

181110 Grey Skipper Seat with Grey Padding

Price: AUD$120.00

181112 Grey Skipper Seat with Blue Padding

Price: AUD$120.00

181114 Grey Skipper Seat with Teal Padding

Price: AUD$120.00

181190 Padded Seat - Fold Down

Price: AUD$123.00

181192 Padded Seat - Fold Down High Back

Price: AUD$174.00

181200 Premier Seat - Grey and Charcoal

Price: AUD$191.00

181202 Premier Seat - White and Blue

Price: AUD$191.00

181204 Premier Seat - Grey and Teal

Price: AUD$191.00

181210 Ocean Seat Blue & White Trim

Price: AUD$443.00

181212 Ocean Seat White & Blue Trim

Price: AUD$443.00

181214 Ocean Seat Black with White Trim

Price: AUD$443.00

181218 Ocean Seat Shell With Flip Up Mechanism

Price: AUD$230.00

181220 Pilot Seat Navy Canvas/White Trim

Price: AUD$542.00

181224 Pilot Seat White Vinyl/Navy Trim

Price: AUD$463.00

181228 Pilot Seat Shell & Flip Up Mechanism

Price: AUD$219.00

181230 Royalita Deluxe Pilot Chair

Price: AUD$832.00

181236 Flip Back Seat

Price: AUD$250.00

181242 Flip-up Seat

Price: AUD$635.00

181300 Strata Mate Seat - Grey

Price: AUD$36.40

181302 Strata Mate Seat - Blue

Price: AUD$36.40

181310 Strata Seat - Grey with grey pads

Price: AUD$176.00

181312 Strata Seat - Grey with blue pads

Price: AUD$177.00

181314 Strata Seat - Grey with teal pads

Price: AUD$169.00

181320 First Mate Seat - Grey & Charcoal

Price: AUD$102.00

181322 First Mate Seat - Blue & White

Price: AUD$102.00

181324 First Mate Seat - Grey & Teal

Price: AUD$102.00

181326 First Mate Seat - White

Price: AUD$102.00

181328 First Mate Padded Seat - Grey

Price: AUD$77.90

181330 First Mate Padded Seat - Blue

Price: AUD$77.90

181332 First Mate Padded Seat - Teal

Price: AUD$77.90

181340 Navigator Seat Black & Grey

Price: AUD$173.00

181342 Navigator Seat Navy & Off White

Price: AUD$173.00

181348 Venus Fold Down Seat White/Tan

Price: AUD$196.00

181350 Venus Fold Down Seat White/Charcoal

Price: AUD$196.00

181354 Medium Back Fold Down Seat

Price: AUD$260.00

181360 Bay Pedestal Seat - Off White & Navy

Price: AUD$403.00

181362 Bay Pedestal Seat - Off White & Red

Price: AUD$404.00

181364 Bay Pedestal Seat - Off White & Navy

Price: AUD$396.00

181366 Bay Pedestal Seat - Off White & Red

Price: AUD$396.00

181368 Bay Seat Shell - Grey

Price: AUD$92.50

181370 Bay Seat Shell - Off White

Price: AUD$85.90

181380 Bay Seat Upholstery Off White & Navy

Price: AUD$68.10

181382 Bay Seat Upholstery Off White & Red

Price: AUD$88.20

181384 Arm Rests - Red

Price: AUD$31.90

181388 Mount Channels

Price: AUD$22.10

181390 Crew Folding Seat - Unpadded Grey

Price: AUD$54.20

181392 Crew Folding Seat - Unpadded White

Price: AUD$54.10

181400 Crew Folding Seat - Padded Grey

Price: AUD$96.31

181402 Crew Folding Seat - Padded Grey/Charcoal

Price: AUD$96.31

181436 Seat Shell & Slide

Price: AUD$156.00

181440 Commodore Moulded Seat

Price: AUD$111.00

181444 Seat Shell

Price: AUD$111.00

181476 White Upholstery Set

Price: AUD$77.61

181478 Commodore Moulded Seat Cushion Set - White

Price: AUD$82.90

181480 Commodore Moulded Seat Cushion Set - Grey

Price: AUD$82.90

181482 Cushion Set - White

Price: AUD$77.61

181483 Cushion Set - Grey

Price: AUD$77.61

181484 Deluxe Upholstered Seat White

Price: AUD$283.00

181488 Deluxe Upholstered Seat Blue

Price: AUD$283.00

181494 Upholstered Arm Rests White

Price: AUD$65.20

181498 Upholstered Arm Rests Blue

Price: AUD$65.20

181504 Deluxe Helm Chair - With Arms

Price: AUD$559.00

181526 Argos Polyshell Seat - Grey

Price: AUD$39.90

181528 Argos Polyshell Seat - Blue

Price: AUD$39.90

181542 Seat Swivel PPG Suits Argos (Polyshell) Base

Price: AUD$23.40

181914 Hi Back Fold Down Seat - with Arm Rests

Price: AUD$305.00

181922 Deluxe Ladderback Chair White

Price: AUD$505.00

181924 Deluxe Ladderback Chair Grey

Price: AUD$505.00

182052 Seat Swivel - Aluminium

Price: AUD$47.10

182054 Seat Swivel - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$49.40

182056 Seat Swivel - Zinc Coated

Price: AUD$14.50

182058 Seat Swivel - PPG Coated

Price: AUD$13.40

182060 Locking Seat Swivel - Standard Square PPG Coated

Price: AUD$34.80

182062 Locking Seat Swivel - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$60.01

182098 Seat Slide with Swivel

Price: AUD$133.00

182102 Universal Alloy Chair Slide

Price: AUD$100.00

182104 Pedestal Mount Chair Slide - 60mm

Price: AUD$102.00

182105 Pedestal Mount Chair Slide - 73mm

Price: AUD$102.00

182106 Low Profile Seat Slide

Price: AUD$95.80

182110 Universal Removable Seat Base (A&B)

Price: AUD$82.10

182112 Seat Clamp Standard Square Base (A)

Price: AUD$36.70

182120 Webb seat mount without swivel

Price: AUD$60.40

182121 Webb seat mount with PPG swivel

Price: AUD$70.30

182122 Webb seat mount with Quick Disconnect swivel

Price: AUD$127.00

182123 Webb seat mount with zinc plated swivel

Price: AUD$118.00

182124 Webb seat mount with stainless steel swivel

Price: AUD$91.10

183003 Alloy Mount Plate for Moulded Seats

Price: AUD$40.90

183005 Pedestal Mount Chair Slide

Price: AUD$146.00

183006 Gas Pedestal - with swivel seat mount

Price: AUD$272.00

183007 Gas Pedestal - with swivel seat and slide mount

Price: AUD$331.00

183010 Adjustable Pedestal - Heavy Duty

Price: AUD$283.00

183012 Posi-Lock Adjustable Seat Pedestal

Price: AUD$168.00

183014 Adjustable Pedestal - bell shaped base

Price: AUD$112.00

183022 Pedestal Post Swivel Top 73mm

Price: AUD$43.51

183024 Fixed Pedestal 455mm

Price: AUD$139.00

183026 Fixed Pedestal 610mm

Price: AUD$146.00

183028 Fixed Pedestal 760mm

Price: AUD$155.00

183030 Universal Seat Pedestal 315mm

Price: AUD$169.00

183032 Universal Seat Pedestal 470mm

Price: AUD$179.00

183033 Universal Seat Pedestal 570mm

Price: AUD$182.00

183034 Universal Seat Pedestal 650mm

Price: AUD$190.00

183038 Heavy Duty Gas Adjustable Pedestal 380-508mm

Price: AUD$392.00

183040 Heavy Duty Gas Adjustable Pedestal 530-690mm

Price: AUD$342.00

183060 Coastline Pedestal 300mm

Price: AUD$118.00

183062 Coastline Pedestal 450mm

Price: AUD$122.00

183064 Coastline Pedestal 600mm

Price: AUD$133.00

183066 Coastline Pedestal 750mm

Price: AUD$140.00

183070 Coastline Adjustable Pedestal 340-510mm

Price: AUD$135.00

183072 Coastline Adjustable Pedestal 500-720mm

Price: AUD$155.00

183080 Coastline Seat Slide

Price: AUD$78.40

183108 Hi-Lo Seat Mount

Price: AUD$21.10

183110 Hi-Lo Seat Mount with Spring

Price: AUD$25.50

183115 Hi-Lo Post 330mm

Price: AUD$31.70

183117 Hi-Lo Post 380mm

Price: AUD$43.60

183120 Hi-Lo Post 490-640mm

Price: AUD$96.60

183123 Hi-Lo Deck Base 177x177mm - S/Steel

Price: AUD$54.80

183130 Hi-Lo Deck Base 177x177mm - Alloy

Price: AUD$40.50

183150 Plug-In fixed Height Pedestal, post only 415mm

Price: AUD$38.10

183152 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, post only 493mm

Price: AUD$49.01

183154 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, post only 645mm

Price: AUD$65.20

183156 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, post only 796mm

Price: AUD$81.60

183160 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, swivel & post 438mm

Price: AUD$81.60

183162 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, swivel & post 516mm

Price: AUD$92.50

183164 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, swivel & post 668mm

Price: AUD$109.00

183166 Plug-In Fixed Height Pedestal, swivel & post 819mm

Price: AUD$125.00

183170 Plug-In Power Rise Pedestal 420 - 580mm

Price: AUD$207.00

183172 Plug-In Adjustable Height Pedestal

Price: AUD$113.00

183174 Wave MasterĀ® Seat Support System

Price: AUD$457.00

183179 Pedestal Post Swivel Top 60mm

Price: AUD$43.51

183180 Plug-In Base 228mm__

Price: AUD$43.60

183183 Plug-In Base 228mm__

Price: AUD$51.70

183184 Plug-In Base 228x179mm

Price: AUD$51.70

183188 Table Pedestal Thru-Floor

Price: AUD$49.01

183190 Table Pedestal Surface Mount Nylon

Price: AUD$87.00

183192 Table Pedestal Surface Mount Alloy

Price: AUD$112.00

183194 Plastic Base Infill Plug

Price: AUD$1.90

183196 Additional Alloy Mount Base

Price: AUD$39.20

183200 Stowable Table Pedestal

Price: AUD$123.00

183202 Additional Mount Base

Price: AUD$41.90

183348 Base Only - Fold Down Leg

Price: AUD$32.20

183350 Folding Seat Leg 340mm

Price: AUD$23.80

183352 Folding Seat Leg 670mm

Price: AUD$28.80

183408 Adjustable Table Pedestal

Price: AUD$224.00

183412 Adjustable Gas Table Pedestal with Slide & Swivel

Price: AUD$479.00

183420 Coastline Adjustable Table Pedestal

Price: AUD$153.00

G181006 Quick Disconnect Swivel Seat and Base

Price: AUD$0.00

G181028 Seat Cushions

Price: AUD$0.00

G181040 Tinnie Seat Cushions

Price: AUD$0.00

G181074 Standard Skipper Cushion Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181110 Skipper Seats - Upholstered Pads

Price: AUD$0.00

G181200 Premier Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181210 Ocean Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181220 Pilot Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181300 Strata Mate Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181310 Strata Mate Seats - Upholstered Pads

Price: AUD$0.00

G181320 First Mate Seats - Fully Upholstered

Price: AUD$0.00

G181328 First Mate - Padded Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181340 Navigator Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181348 Venus Fold Down Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181360 Bay Pedestal Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181368 Bay Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181380 Bay Seat Upholstery

Price: AUD$0.00

G181384 Arm rests

Price: AUD$0.00

G181390 Crew Folding Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181436 The Yachtsman Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181440 Commodore Moulded Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181444 Admiral Moulded Seat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181484 Deluxe Upholstered Seats

Price: AUD$0.00

G181502 Deluxe Helm Chair - Optional Arms

Price: AUD$0.00

G181526 Argos Seat Shells

Price: AUD$0.00

G181910 Elite Helmseat

Price: AUD$0.00

G181922 Deluxe Ladderback Chair

Price: AUD$0.00

G182052 Seat Swivels

Price: AUD$0.00

G182060 12 Way Locking Seat Swivel

Price: AUD$0.00

G182104 Pedestal Mount Chair Slide

Price: AUD$0.00

G182120 Webb Seat Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G183006 Gas Adjustable Pedestals

Price: AUD$0.00

G183024 Columbia Fixed Pedestals

Price: AUD$0.00

G183030 Universal Seat Pedestal

Price: AUD$0.00

G183038 Heavy Duty Gas Adjustable Pedestal

Price: AUD$0.00

G183060 Coastline Pedestal

Price: AUD$0.00

G183070 Coastline Adjustable Pedestal

Price: AUD$0.00

G183108 Hi-Lo Seating System

Price: AUD$0.00

G183160 Plug-in Pedestals

Price: AUD$0.00

G183180 Plug-in Pedestal Bases

Price: AUD$0.00

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