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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



231010 Porthole Clock - Small

Price: AUD$288.00

231011 Porthole Barometer - Small

Price: AUD$317.00

231014 Porthole Clock - Large

Price: AUD$370.00

231015 Porthole Barometer - Large

Price: AUD$413.00

231020 Brass Clock Small

Price: AUD$200.00

231021 Brass Barometer Small

Price: AUD$276.00

231024 Brass Clock Large

Price: AUD$290.00

231025 Brass Barometer Large

Price: AUD$382.00

231040 Clock

Price: AUD$127.00

231042 Tide clock

Price: AUD$177.00

231044 Barometer

Price: AUD$166.00

231064 Clock

Price: AUD$143.00

231072 Barometer and thermometer

Price: AUD$171.00

231080 Navigation Station

Price: AUD$75.10

231104 Bronze Bell 100mm

Price: AUD$74.00

231108 Bronze Bell 150mm

Price: AUD$139.00

231500 100 Series Compass Black

Price: AUD$18.00

231502 100 Series Compass White

Price: AUD$19.31

232005 Sport Dash Mount Compass Black 50mm

Price: AUD$103.00

232007 Sport Dash Mount Compass White 50mm

Price: AUD$103.00

232014 Sport Bracket Mount Compass 48mm

Price: AUD$80.60

232018 Trek bracket mount compass - Black

Price: AUD$116.00

232019 Trek bracket mount compass - White

Price: AUD$116.00

232020 Trek bracket mount compass - Grey

Price: AUD$116.00

232022 Trek surface mount compass - Black

Price: AUD$116.00

232023 Trek surface mount compass - White

Price: AUD$116.00

232024 Trek surface mount compass - Grey with blue card

Price: AUD$116.00

232026 Trek Flush Mount Compass - Black

Price: AUD$116.00

232028 Trek Flush Mount Compass - White

Price: AUD$116.00

232030 Trek Flush Mount Compass - Grey

Price: AUD$116.00

232042 Explorer Flush Mount Compass Black

Price: AUD$162.00

232044 Explorer Flush Mount Compass White

Price: AUD$162.00

232046 Explorer Bulk Head Mount Black

Price: AUD$171.00

232047 Explorer Bulk Head Mount White

Price: AUD$171.00

232052 Explorer Surface Mount Compass

Price: AUD$157.00

232053 Explorer Surface Mount Compass White

Price: AUD$157.00

232054 Explorer Bracket Mount Compass Black

Price: AUD$157.00

232056 Explorer Bracket Mount Compass White

Price: AUD$157.00

232072 Angler Surface Mount Compass 70mm

Price: AUD$157.00

232074 Angler Bracket Mount Compass

Price: AUD$157.00

232087 Kayak Compass

Price: AUD$145.00

232090 Voyager Surface Mount Black 75mm

Price: AUD$288.00

232092 Voyager Flush Mount Compass

Price: AUD$288.00

232093 Voyager Flush Mount Compass White

Price: AUD$288.00

232094 Voyager Bracket Mount Compass

Price: AUD$299.00

232112 Helmsman Flush Mount PowerDamp Black

Price: AUD$427.00

232114 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDamp 95mm

Price: AUD$427.00

232115 Helmsman Flush Mount PowerDamp White

Price: AUD$427.00

232130 Helmsman Bracket Mount 95mm

Price: AUD$438.00

232162 Nav Flush Mount PowerDamp Black 115mm

Price: AUD$716.00

232170 Nav Flush Mount CombiDamp Black 115mm

Price: AUD$745.00

232403 Replacement Light 2005 on (grey wire)

Price: AUD$17.50

232404 Replacement Light 2001-04 (PR)

Price: AUD$24.60

232406 Replacement light Voyager & Helmsman

Price: AUD$43.30

232414 Replacement light to suit Navigator

Price: AUD$66.00

232432 Compass Cover - White

Price: AUD$59.60

232436 Compass Cover - White

Price: AUD$61.70

232456 Compass cover White

Price: AUD$64.50

232460 Compass Cover Globemaster White

Price: AUD$130.00

232482 Replacement Black Bracket

Price: AUD$26.00

232484 Replacement Bracket

Price: AUD$41.80

232490 Replacement thumb-screws (pair)

Price: AUD$26.00

234990 Wet Notes

Price: AUD$45.80

235512 Binoculars - 7 x 50

Price: AUD$76.90

235516 Waterproof Binoculars - 7 x 50

Price: AUD$224.00

G231010 Port Hole Clocks and Barometers

Price: AUD$0.00

G231020 Brass Clocks and Barometers

Price: AUD$0.00

G231040 Clocks, Tide Clocks and Barometers

Price: AUD$0.00

G231104 Ships Bells - Bronze

Price: AUD$0.00

G231500 Azimuth 100 Series Bracket Mount Compasses

Price: AUD$0.00

G232005 Sport Dash Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232014 Sport Bracket Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232018 Trek Compasses - Bracket Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232022 Trek Compasses - Surface Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232026 Trek Flush Mount Compass

Price: AUD$0.00

G232042 Explorer Flush Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232046 Explorer Bulkhead Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232052 Explorer Surface Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232054 Explorer Bracket Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232092 Voyager Flush Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232094 Voyager Bracket Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G232112 Helmsman Flush Mount - PowerDamp

Price: AUD$0.00

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