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Oils, Seals & Maintenance

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



260020 Castrol Super Outboard XP 1lt

Price: AUD$18.60

260022 Castrol Super Outboard XP 4lt

Price: AUD$70.20

260024 Castrol Super Outboard XP 20lt

Price: AUD$276.00

260032 Castrol Super Outboard - 4 Stroke Oil 4lt

Price: AUD$54.90

260042 Castrol Outboard Gear Oil 500ml

Price: AUD$12.90

260046 Castrol Boating Grease 500g

Price: AUD$16.50

260054 Castrol Anti-Freeze, Anti-Boil 1lt

Price: AUD$22.50

260058 Castrol Automatic Transmission Fluid 1lt

Price: AUD$18.21

261002 Septone Hull Cleaner & Stain Remover 1lt

Price: AUD$22.10

261004 Septone Hull Cleaner & Stain Remover 5lt

Price: AUD$49.80

261006 Septone Hull Cleaner & Stain Remover 20lt

Price: AUD$169.00

261008 Diesel Soot Remover 5L

Price: AUD$37.40

261009 Septone Boat Wash and Wax 1L

Price: AUD$16.80

261010 Septone Boat Wash and Wax 5L

Price: AUD$36.60

261011 Marine Clene 1lt

Price: AUD$20.50

261012 Marine Clene 5lt

Price: AUD$37.00

261014 Marine Clene 20lt

Price: AUD$118.00

261015 Inflatable Boat & Canopy Cleaner 1L

Price: AUD$17.50

261017 Superclene 5L

Price: AUD$54.30

261018 Superclene 20L

Price: AUD$180.00

261020 Boat Wash 1lt

Price: AUD$16.20

261022 Boat Wash 5lt

Price: AUD$34.50

261024 Boat Wash 20lt

Price: AUD$113.00

261026 Truck Wash 1lt

Price: AUD$15.50

261027 Truck Wash 5lt

Price: AUD$40.80

261036 Portasan Top Tank Rinse 1L

Price: AUD$17.30

261037 Portasan Top Tank Rinse 5L

Price: AUD$34.20

261038 Portasan Waste Tank Additive 1L

Price: AUD$22.30

261039 Portasan Waste Tank Additive 5L

Price: AUD$41.70

261044 Bilge & Engine Cleaner 1L

Price: AUD$20.50

261045 Bilge & Engine Cleaner 5L

Price: AUD$51.00

261048 Oilsolve Degreaser 1lt

Price: AUD$12.20

261050 Oilsolve Degreaser 4lt

Price: AUD$41.50

261052 Oilsolve Degreaser 20lt

Price: AUD$222.00

261058 Septone Aluminium Cleaner 20L

Price: AUD$110.00

261070 Septone Rust Converter 500ml

Price: AUD$17.90

261072 Septone Rust Converter 1lt

Price: AUD$27.01

261074 Septone Rust Converter 5lt

Price: AUD$101.00

261076 Rust Primer 250ml

Price: AUD$27.20

261077 Rust Primer 500ml

Price: AUD$43.20

261078 Rust Primer 1L

Price: AUD$78.30

261080 Spray Gun

Price: AUD$72.20

261086 Septone Fish Oil 4lt

Price: AUD$117.00

261090 Septone Rust Proof Aerosol 350g

Price: AUD$16.40

261092 Series 500 Penetrating Lubricant 400gm Aerosol

Price: AUD$14.20

261100 Multiguard HP 400g Aerosol

Price: AUD$15.70

261102 Multiguard HP 4 Litre

Price: AUD$101.00

261105 Corrosionguard HP 1 Litre Tall

Price: AUD$35.20

261110 Multiguard HP Grease 500g

Price: AUD$25.50

261112 Septone Bleach Concentrate 5lt

Price: AUD$30.80

261120 Paint Stripper 500ml

Price: AUD$19.70

261122 Septone Paint Stripper 1lt

Price: AUD$29.90

261148 Protecta Pink Hand Cleaner 500g

Price: AUD$13.00

261150 Protecta Pink Hand Cleaner 4kg

Price: AUD$55.40

261154 Orange Scrub - Hand Cleaner - 500ml

Price: AUD$10.00

261156 Orange Scrub - Hand Cleaner - 2.5lt

Price: AUD$49.40

261158 Orange Scrub - Hand Cleaner - 5lt

Price: AUD$72.20

261170 Paint Eliminator 500ml

Price: AUD$18.21

261172 Paint Eliminator 4lt

Price: AUD$106.00

261175 Septone Stainless Steel Polish 250ml

Price: AUD$19.50

261184 Fibreglass Polish - Super Fine 1.8kg

Price: AUD$69.50

261192 Fibreglass Polish - Extra Cut 500g

Price: AUD$23.80

261194 Fibreglass Polish - Extra Cut 1.8kg

Price: AUD$69.50

261196 Septone Fibreglass Restorer and Wax 500ml

Price: AUD$23.80

261198 Septone Fibreglass Restorer and Wax 1L

Price: AUD$38.90

261202 Septone Fibreglass Buffing Compound 500ml

Price: AUD$19.31

261204 Septone Fibreglass Buffing Compound 1L

Price: AUD$34.50

261206 Septone Cut-N-Polish 500ml

Price: AUD$18.21

261208 Septone Cut-N-Polish 1lt

Price: AUD$25.91

261210 Septone Cut-N-Polish 4lt

Price: AUD$76.30

261212 Armour Cologne - Spray 250ml

Price: AUD$10.60

261214 C-Thru Glass Clean - Spray - 750ml

Price: AUD$13.50

261216 Septone Gelcoat Repair Filler 400g

Price: AUD$34.00

261218 Septone Teak Oil 500ml

Price: AUD$21.60

261220 Polyester Hardener 10g

Price: AUD$6.30

261222 Polyester Hardener 20g

Price: AUD$7.30

261234 Septone Fibre-Tough Filler 500g

Price: AUD$29.00

261236 Septone Fibre-Tough Filler 1kg

Price: AUD$39.40

261246 Septone Eazefill Polyester Filler 450g

Price: AUD$27.40

261248 Septone Eazefill Polyester Filler 900g

Price: AUD$36.60

261252 Septone Eazefill Polyester Filler 2.5kg

Price: AUD$77.30

261260 Septone Acetone 500ml

Price: AUD$15.00

261262 Septone Acetone 1lt

Price: AUD$22.20

261264 Acetone 4lt

Price: AUD$64.20

261266 Septone Acetone 20lt

Price: AUD$212.00

261300 Septone Fibreglass Kit

Price: AUD$48.30

261302 Fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat 300g/mĀ_ 1m x 0.5m

Price: AUD$14.20

261304 MEKP Catalyst 20ml

Price: AUD$11.90

261320 Smart Pipe Repair Wrap

Price: AUD$38.90

261324 Smart Pipe Repair Wrap

Price: AUD$61.90

262002 Economy Paint Brush 25mm

Price: AUD$2.81

262004 Economy Paint Brush 38mm

Price: AUD$5.10

262006 Economy Paint Brush 50mm

Price: AUD$4.60

262008 Economy Paint Brush 64mm

Price: AUD$5.70

262022 Paint Brush - 25mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$1.40

262024 Paint Brush - 38mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$2.10

262026 Paint Brush - 50mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$2.90

262028 Paint Brush - 63mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$3.30

262030 Paint Brush - 75mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$4.50

262032 Paint Brush - 100mm Unpainted

Price: AUD$6.60

262082 Paint Brush - 25mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$2.00

262084 Paint Brush - 38mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$3.20

262086 Paint Brush - 50mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$5.01

262088 Paint Brush - 63mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$6.80

262090 Paint Brush - 75mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$10.90

262092 Paint Brush - 100mm Flo Master

Price: AUD$15.10

262112 Paint Brush - 25mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$2.60

262114 Paint Brush - 38mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$4.40

262116 Paint Brush - 50mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$7.21

262118 Paint Brush - 63mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$10.30

262120 Paint Brush - 75mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$18.50

262122 Paint Brush - 100mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$24.30

262520 Paint Roller Cover - Trade Pink

Price: AUD$7.90

262530 Paint Roller Covers - 6mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$9.00

262532 Paint Roller Covers - 10mm Painters Choice

Price: AUD$10.20

262550 Paint Roller Frame - Heavy Duty

Price: AUD$11.40

262620 Paint Roller Kit - Light Duty

Price: AUD$15.50

262700 Plastic Drop Sheet - 2.6 x 3.5m

Price: AUD$3.30

264102 Fixseal MSP15 - 290ml - White

Price: AUD$24.20

264104 Fixseal MSP15 - 290ml - Black

Price: AUD$24.20

264106 Fixseal MSP15 - 600ml - White

Price: AUD$37.50

264120 Fixseal+ MSP190 - 290mL - White

Price: AUD$27.70

264122 Fixseal+ MSP190 - 290mL - Black

Price: AUD$27.70

264124 Fixseal+ MSP190 - 600mL - Black

Price: AUD$46.40

264132 Deckflex MSP100 - 290mL - Black

Price: AUD$27.70

264136 Deckflex MSP100 - 600mL - Black

Price: AUD$46.40

264180 Fixseal MSPClear - 290mL - Clear

Price: AUD$26.10

264192 Fixsil FS200 - 310mL - Black Silicone

Price: AUD$23.20

264330 FixTech Primer - 250mL - PR30

Price: AUD$98.60

264350 FixTech Activator Cleaner - 250mL - AC50

Price: AUD$74.10

264450 Cartridge Caulking Gun

Price: AUD$7.90

264460 FixTech Sausage Caulking Gun

Price: AUD$107.00

264472 4mm Deck Caulking Tape - 50m roll

Price: AUD$5.70

265124 Finger Grip 760mm Fixed Handle

Price: AUD$43.70

265130 Telescoping Handles

Price: AUD$69.91

265134 Telescoping Handles

Price: AUD$89.90

265140 Curved Adapter

Price: AUD$26.20

265142 Threaded Adapter

Price: AUD$18.40

265150 Deck Brushes - 150mm

Price: AUD$74.90

265156 Deck Brushes - 150mm

Price: AUD$63.60

265160 Deck Brushes - 250mm

Price: AUD$87.60

265164 Deck Brushes - 150mm

Price: AUD$67.40

265166 Deck Brushes - 250mm

Price: AUD$87.60

265170 Deck Brushes - 150mm

Price: AUD$63.60

265180 Hammerhead Brush

Price: AUD$73.50

265190 Soft-n-Thirsty Mop

Price: AUD$74.10

265200 Swivel Pad Base

Price: AUD$50.20

265209 Shurhold Pads for Swivel Base

Price: AUD$16.30

265210 Shurhold Pads for Swivel Base

Price: AUD$16.30

265220 Synthetic Lambs Wool Cover

Price: AUD$25.50

265230 Shurhold Flexible Water Blade Adaptor

Price: AUD$28.11

265234 Shuhold Flexible Water Blade

Price: AUD$63.10

265240 Boat Hook

Price: AUD$32.51

265244 Shurhold Dock A Reni

Price: AUD$23.20

265260 Shurhold Fishing Gaff

Price: AUD$85.70

265268 Shurhold Landing Net

Price: AUD$51.90

265270 Shurhold Landing Net

Price: AUD$83.11

265272 Shurhold Landing Net

Price: AUD$93.50

265280 Paddle

Price: AUD$53.41

265310 PVA Towel

Price: AUD$35.90

265314 Shurhold Microfiber Towels Variety - 3 pack

Price: AUD$39.70

265350 Shurhold Serious Shine Aerosol

Price: AUD$35.81

265360 Serious Marine Cleaner

Price: AUD$24.40

265370 Shurhold Brite Wash

Price: AUD$24.40

265371 Shurhold Brite Wash

Price: AUD$57.40

265380 Shurhold Snap-Stick

Price: AUD$12.00

265390 Shurhold Buff Magic

Price: AUD$58.60

265400 Shurhold Pro Polish Wax - 473ml

Price: AUD$44.20

265420 Hose Nozzle

Price: AUD$20.10

265480 The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD

Price: AUD$59.40

341202 King Starlite XL 6.4mm (1/4")

Price: AUD$228.00

345020 Non Skid Mat - Grey

Price: AUD$263.00

345022 Non Skid Mat - Blue

Price: AUD$263.00

345024 Non Skid Mat - White

Price: AUD$263.00

G260020 Castrol Super Outboard XP - Two Stroke Oil

Price: AUD$0.00

G261002 Hull Cleaner & Stain Remover

Price: AUD$0.00

G261007 Diesel Soot Remover

Price: AUD$0.00

G261009 Boat Wash and Wax

Price: AUD$0.00

G261011 Marine Clene

Price: AUD$0.00

G261017 Superclene

Price: AUD$0.00

G261020 Boat Wash

Price: AUD$0.00

G261026 Truck Wash

Price: AUD$0.00

G261036 Portasan Top Tank Rinse

Price: AUD$0.00

G261038 Portasan Waste Tank Additive

Price: AUD$0.00

G261044 Bilge & Engine Cleaner

Price: AUD$0.00

G261048 Oilsolve Degreaser

Price: AUD$0.00

G261056 Septone Aluminium Cleaner

Price: AUD$0.00

G261068 Rust Converter

Price: AUD$0.00

G261076 Rust Primer

Price: AUD$0.00

G261082 Fish Oil

Price: AUD$0.00

G261098 EcoLube Marineguard

Price: AUD$0.00

G261100 EcoLube Multiguard HP

Price: AUD$0.00

G261104 EcoLube Corrosionguard

Price: AUD$0.00

G261120 Paint Stripper

Price: AUD$0.00

G261148 Protecta Pink

Price: AUD$0.00

G261154 Orange Scrub - Hand Cleaner

Price: AUD$0.00

G261170 Paint Eliminator Hand Cleaner

Price: AUD$0.00

G261180 Fibreglass Polish

Price: AUD$0.00

G261192 Fibreglass Polish - Extra Cut

Price: AUD$0.00

G261196 Septone Fibreglass Restorer and Wax

Price: AUD$0.00

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