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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



122372 Cabin Reading Lights - LED

Price: AUD$32.30

122373 Cabin Reading Lights - LED

Price: AUD$32.30

122374 Super White LED Interior Light

Price: AUD$33.30

122378 LED Interior Lights White

Price: AUD$26.70

122380 LED Interior Lights Red

Price: AUD$22.30

122382 Recessed Mini Dome Light - LED

Price: AUD$28.30

122385 Recessed Mini Dome Light - LED

Price: AUD$28.80

122386 Recessed Mini Dome Light - LED

Price: AUD$30.50

122388 Surface Mini Dome Light - LED

Price: AUD$31.90

122390 Round Light Stand Off

Price: AUD$3.20

122392 Single Light Switch

Price: AUD$12.71

122393 Double Light Switch

Price: AUD$15.50

122394 Light Switch - Single - S/S

Price: AUD$8.00

122398 Light Switch - Double - S/S

Price: AUD$23.20

122406 Dimmer Switch - White

Price: AUD$135.00

122408 Dimmer Switch - Chrome

Price: AUD$135.00

122411 Dimmer Switch - Silversand

Price: AUD$135.00

122420 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$30.40

122422 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$35.81

122424 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$35.81

122428 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$32.40

122430 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$40.80

122432 Rocker switch

Price: AUD$37.10

122436 Power Socket

Price: AUD$48.80

122438 Power Socket

Price: AUD$52.80

122440 Power Socket

Price: AUD$52.80

122444 TV wall socket

Price: AUD$31.10

122446 TV wall socket

Price: AUD$40.60

122448 TV wall socket

Price: AUD$40.50

122460 Distance Box

Price: AUD$17.70

122462 Distance Box

Price: AUD$18.00

122464 Distance Box

Price: AUD$12.71

122982 Oblong Light LED

Price: AUD$58.70

122986 Oblong Light LED

Price: AUD$49.01

122988 Oblong Light LED

Price: AUD$60.60

122990 LED Interior / Exterior Courtesy Lights White

Price: AUD$22.61

122992 LED Interior / Exterior Courtesy Lights Blue

Price: AUD$22.20

122996 LED Courtesy Light White

Price: AUD$25.91

122998 LED Courtesy Light Yellow

Price: AUD$25.00

123000 LED Courtesy Light Blue

Price: AUD$25.91

123002 Round Cockpit Light

Price: AUD$13.90

123004 Rectangular Cockpit Light

Price: AUD$27.10

123008 Courtesy Light - Clip In

Price: AUD$35.60

123014 Waterproof Courtesy Light

Price: AUD$76.20

123018 Waterproof Dome Light

Price: AUD$77.40

123022 Waterproof Cockpit Light

Price: AUD$49.60

123046 LED Water Resistant Universal Light White

Price: AUD$12.90

123048 LED Water Resistant Universal Light Blue

Price: AUD$13.10

123052 Spreader Light Fixed

Price: AUD$47.70

123054 Spreader Light Swiveling

Price: AUD$60.80

123056 Livewell - Cockpit Light

Price: AUD$23.30

123057 Deck Floodlight

Price: AUD$78.10

123058 Docking Light Kit

Price: AUD$87.20

123059 Replacement Lense Suit 123058

Price: AUD$17.90

123066 Headlamp - LED

Price: AUD$8.60

123070 Waterproof Deck Spot Light - LED

Price: AUD$165.00

123072 Waterproof Deck Flood Light - LED

Price: AUD$176.00

123102 Guest Spotlight Complete

Price: AUD$801.00

123104 Guest Spotlight Dual Station Kit

Price: AUD$362.00

123116 Guest Spotlight Control Panel

Price: AUD$183.00

123122 Rubber Spotlight

Price: AUD$104.01

123132 Pistol Grip Spotlight

Price: AUD$71.70

123144 500,000 cp Halogen Spotlight

Price: AUD$42.41

123149 Dual Purpose Spotlight Large

Price: AUD$58.91

123152 Hand Held Spotlight

Price: AUD$23.80

123190 Lead Acid Rechargeable Spotlight

Price: AUD$21.20

123191 Rechargable Spotlight - Water Resistant

Price: AUD$24.40

123194 Blue Eye Saltwater Spotlight

Price: AUD$111.00

123280 Mini Hull Lights

Price: AUD$437.00

123282 Bow Light Pronounced Flare

Price: AUD$1,123.00

123286 Bow Light Subtle Flare

Price: AUD$1,139.00

123302 Fluro Trouble Light

Price: AUD$20.00

123320 Guest Spot Flood Light

Price: AUD$1,234.00

123330 Guest Spot Flood Light Control Panel

Price: AUD$199.00

123332 Guest Spot Flood Light Dual Station Kit

Price: AUD$342.00

123336 Guest Spot Flood Light 7.5m Wiring Harness

Price: AUD$293.00

124010 Fluro Tube 12V 300mm (L)

Price: AUD$10.51

124031 Festoon Bulb 12V 5w

Price: AUD$1.20

124032 Festoon Bulb 12V 3w

Price: AUD$1.30

124034 Festoon Bulb 12V 5w

Price: AUD$1.20

124036 Festoon Bulb 12V 5w

Price: AUD$1.50

124037 Festoon Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$1.20

124048 Festoon Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$5.10

124052 Festoon Bulb 12V 15w

Price: AUD$2.30

124056 Festoon Bulb 12V 7w

Price: AUD$18.90

124057 Festoon Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$1.20

124060 Festoon Bulb Red 12V 15w

Price: AUD$6.80

124075 Festoon Bulb 24V 10w

Price: AUD$14.40

124086 12v 5w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$1.50

124087 12v 5w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$1.20

124090 12v 10w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$1.50

124096 12v 15w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$8.60

124098 12v 21w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$2.20

124099 12v 18w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$3.00

124100 Bayonet Bulb 12V 21-5w

Price: AUD$1.40

124101 24v 15w Bayonet Bulb

Price: AUD$14.30

124110 Bayonet Bulb 12V 10w - Vertical Filament

Price: AUD$37.40

124114 Bayonet Bulb 12V 25w - Vertical Filament

Price: AUD$37.40

124116 Bayonet Bulb 24V 10w - Vertical Filament

Price: AUD$37.40

124118 Bayonet Bulb 24V 25w - Vertical Filament

Price: AUD$37.40

124126 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$9.60

124128 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$20.60

124130 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 20w

Price: AUD$12.71

124135 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 20w

Price: AUD$5.80

124136 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 20w

Price: AUD$40.30

124138 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 10w

Price: AUD$6.20

124139 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 5w

Price: AUD$5.80

124143 Wedge Base Bulb 12V 5w

Price: AUD$1.20

124144 Wedge Base Bulb 12V 9w

Price: AUD$4.10

124145 Wedge Base Bulb 12V 3w

Price: AUD$1.20

124156 LED Pod White

Price: AUD$32.51

124162 LED Pod Red

Price: AUD$25.40

124164 LED Pod Blue

Price: AUD$27.90

124170 360┬_ LED Bulb 1.5W

Price: AUD$28.30

124192 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 55w

Price: AUD$16.30

124194 Quartz Halogen Bulb 12V 100w

Price: AUD$14.20

124204 Sealed Beam 12V 35w

Price: AUD$84.90

124222 Sealed Beam 12V 55w - Blue Eye Replacement

Price: AUD$65.00

124227 Sealed Beam 12V 50w

Price: AUD$125.00

124230 Sealed Beam 12V 100,000 CP

Price: AUD$118.00

124234 Sealed Beam 12V 72,000-30,000 CP

Price: AUD$234.00

124260 Torch Bulb 1.5v 0.4 amps

Price: AUD$3.50

124262 Replacement bulb - new style

Price: AUD$3.50

124270 Torch Bulb 2.5v 0.5 amps

Price: AUD$2.81

125034 Quick Kai - High Powered LED Down Lights

Price: AUD$194.00

125046 Quick Tom - Surface Mounted LED Down Lights

Price: AUD$118.00

125060 Nikita - Directional LED Down Light

Price: AUD$211.00

125100 Quick Nicole - LED Reading Light

Price: AUD$241.00

223150 Torch - Rubberised

Price: AUD$19.10

223170 Torch - Waterproof

Price: AUD$35.81

401210 Perko Side Mount Nav Lights Black

Price: AUD$68.90

401212 Perko Side Mount Nav Lights White

Price: AUD$68.90

401220 Perko Top Mount Bi-Colour Light Black

Price: AUD$76.30

401222 Perko Top Mount Bi-Colour Light White

Price: AUD$77.10

401230 Perko Nav Light Bi-Colour Black

Price: AUD$93.50

401232 Perko Port Light Black

Price: AUD$60.40

401234 Perko Starboard Light Black

Price: AUD$60.40

401236 Perko Stern Light Black

Price: AUD$60.40

401238 Perko Steaming Light Black

Price: AUD$60.40

401242 Perko Port Light White

Price: AUD$60.40

401244 Perko Starboard Light White

Price: AUD$60.40

401246 Perko Stern Light White

Price: AUD$60.40

401248 Perko Steaming Light White

Price: AUD$60.40

401312 Perko Side Mount Port Light

Price: AUD$201.00

401314 Perko Side Mount Starboard Light

Price: AUD$257.00

401316 Perko Side Mount Steaming Light

Price: AUD$257.00

401318 Perko Side Mount Stern Light

Price: AUD$257.00

401332 Perko Base Mount Red Light

Price: AUD$218.00

401336 Perko Base Mount White Light

Price: AUD$218.00

401338 Perko Base Mount Tri-Colour Light

Price: AUD$201.00

401340 Perko Base Mount Yellow Light

Price: AUD$218.00

401342 Perko Base Mount Tri-White Light

Price: AUD$381.00

401378 Perko Fixed Anchor Riding Light 132mm

Price: AUD$40.30

401380 Perko Anchor Riding Light 133mm (H)

Price: AUD$117.00

401382 Perko Anchor Riding Light 290mm (H)

Price: AUD$128.00

401383 Perko Removable Anchor Light 1000mm

Price: AUD$169.00

401386 Perko Removable Anchor Light 838mm

Price: AUD$138.00

401387 Perko Removable Anchor Light 1019mm

Price: AUD$143.00

401388 Perko Folding Anchor Light

Price: AUD$150.00

401390 Perko Low Glare Riding Light

Price: AUD$117.00

401392 Perko Removable Zinc Base Anchor Light

Price: AUD$109.00

401394 Perko Telescopic Riding Light 673mm

Price: AUD$111.00

401396 Perko Telescopic Riding Light 813mm

Price: AUD$116.00

401397 Replacement Lense

Price: AUD$33.00

401398 Perko Light Pole Storage Clips

Price: AUD$9.90

401420 Exterior Dome Light

Price: AUD$119.00

401422 Exterior Dome Light

Price: AUD$141.00

401440 Perko Round Stern Light

Price: AUD$52.80

401442 Perko Rectangular Stern Light

Price: AUD$275.00

G121006 Navigation Lights - Side Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G121007 LED Side Mount Navigation Lights

Price: AUD$0.00

G121014 Side Mount Navigation Lights - Attwood

Price: AUD$0.00

G121018 Navigation Lights - Surface Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G121020 Side Mount Navigation Lights

Price: AUD$0.00

G121021 Navigation Lights - Compact Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121024 Navigation Lights - Side Lights

Price: AUD$0.00

G121030 Navigation Lights - Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121038 Navigation Lights - Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121050 Navigation Lights - Side Mount

Price: AUD$0.00

G121102 Quick Navigation Lights 12 Series

Price: AUD$0.00

G121132 Quick Navigation Lights 20 Series

Price: AUD$0.00

G121172 Navigation Lights Side Mount - Boats to 12M

Price: AUD$0.00

G121314 Anchor Lights Removable S/S 560mm

Price: AUD$0.00

G121315 אּDeck Mount Anchor Lights - LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121317 Fold Down Pole Lights - LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121321 Removable Telescopic Pole Lights - LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G121325 LED Anchor Light

Price: AUD$0.00

G121326 Anchor Lights Aluminium

Price: AUD$0.00

G121332 Anchor Lights s/s Folding/Retracting

Price: AUD$0.00

G121335 Anchor Lights - Folding/Removable

Price: AUD$0.00

G121338 Replacement Anchor Light Lens

Price: AUD$0.00

G121342 Attwood Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$0.00

G121422 Portable Navigation Light

Price: AUD$0.00

G121424 Portable Clear Navigation Light

Price: AUD$0.00

G121432 Clamp on Anchor Riding Light

Price: AUD$0.00

G122016 Domed Fluoro Lights

Price: AUD$0.00

G122030 Swivel Bar Light - LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G122040 Cabin Lights - LED

Price: AUD$0.00

G122102 Round Dome Lights - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G122120 Polished Cast Stainless Steel Dome Light

Price: AUD$0.00

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