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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



121006 Economy Nav Light Black

Price: AUD$20.90

121007 LED Side Mount Navigation Lights - Black

Price: AUD$46.10

121008 Economy Nav Light White

Price: AUD$20.90

121009 LED Side Mount Navigation Lights - White

Price: AUD$46.00

121014 Navigation Lights - Attwood Black

Price: AUD$76.80

121015 Navigation Lights - Attwood White

Price: AUD$76.80

121016 Navigation Lights - Attwood Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$101.00

121018 Navigation Lights - Surface Mount Chrome

Price: AUD$25.20

121019 Navigation Lights - Surface Mount White

Price: AUD$22.90

121020 Side Mount Nav Lights Black

Price: AUD$49.01

121021 Nav Light Compact Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$62.40

121022 Side Mount Nav Lights White

Price: AUD$48.70

121023 Nav Light Compact Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$62.40

121024 Navigation Lights - Side Lights Black

Price: AUD$34.50

121025 Navigation Lights - Side Lights White

Price: AUD$34.80

121026 Economy Anchor Riding Light

Price: AUD$20.90

121027 LED Deck Mount Anchor Light - 12V

Price: AUD$22.10

121028 All Round White Light

Price: AUD$24.20

121030 Nav Light Side Mount LED Black

Price: AUD$55.40

121032 Nav Light Side Mount LED White

Price: AUD$55.80

121038 Nav Light Side Mount LED Black

Price: AUD$42.90

121040 Nav Light Side Mount LED White

Price: AUD$42.60

121042 Nav Lights Side Mount LED

Price: AUD$62.00

121050 Nav Lights Side Mount

Price: AUD$27.40

121052 Nav Lights Side Mount

Price: AUD$28.40

121054 Nav Lights Side Mount

Price: AUD$38.30

121102 Port Nav Light - Black

Price: AUD$34.80

121106 Quick Port Nav Light White

Price: AUD$34.80

121112 Quick Bi-colour Nav Light White

Price: AUD$37.20

121114 Quick Steaming Nav Light Black

Price: AUD$34.80

121116 Steaming Nav Light White

Price: AUD$34.80

121120 Stern Nav Light White

Price: AUD$34.80

121132 Port Nav Light - Black 12V

Price: AUD$85.90

121140 Bi-colour Nav Light - Black 12V

Price: AUD$90.50

121142 Bi-colour Nav Light - White 12V

Price: AUD$90.50

121144 Steaming Nav Light - Black 12V

Price: AUD$85.90

121147 Quick Steaming Nav Light - White 24V

Price: AUD$85.90

121148 Stern Nav Light - Black 12V

Price: AUD$85.90

121150 Stern Nav Light - White 12V

Price: AUD$85.90

121172 Port Nav Light - Black

Price: AUD$27.60

121176 Port Nav Light - White

Price: AUD$27.60

121180 Bi-colour Nav Ligh Black

Price: AUD$34.40

121182 Bi-colour Nav Ligh White

Price: AUD$34.40

121184 Steaming Nav Lights - Black

Price: AUD$27.60

121186 Steaming Nav Lights - White

Price: AUD$27.60

121188 Stern Nav Lights - Black

Price: AUD$27.60

121190 Stern Nav Lights - White

Price: AUD$27.60

121200 LED Weatherproof Transom Light

Price: AUD$57.50

121300 Mast Steaming /Deck Light

Price: AUD$112.00

121312 Anchor Riding Light

Price: AUD$58.50

121314 Anchor light

Price: AUD$77.40

121315 Deck Mount Anchor Lights - LED

Price: AUD$49.80

121316 Deck Mount Anchor Lights - LED

Price: AUD$48.00

121317 Fold Down Pole Lights - LED

Price: AUD$51.40

121318 Fold Down Pole Lights - LED

Price: AUD$57.60

121319 Removable Pole Light - LED

Price: AUD$63.50

121320 Anchor light - removable S/S

Price: AUD$63.90

121321 Removable Telescopic Pole Lights - LED

Price: AUD$82.60

121322 Removable Telescopic LED Pole Light

Price: AUD$83.30

121325 LED Fold Down Light Pole 650 mm

Price: AUD$37.50

121326 Folding Anchor Light

Price: AUD$22.00

121327 LED Removable Light Pole 610 mm

Price: AUD$37.70

121328 Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$23.00

121330 LED Fold Down Light Pole 275 mm

Price: AUD$35.30

121332 Retractable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$70.20

121333 Folding Anchor Light

Price: AUD$18.80

121334 Folding Anchor Light

Price: AUD$70.20

121335 Folding Anchor Light

Price: AUD$63.10

121336 Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$75.60

121342 Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$39.70

121344 Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$44.70

121345 Removable Anchor Light

Price: AUD$49.50

121348 Attwood Folding Anchor Riding Light

Price: AUD$72.30

121350 Pole Light Base Chrome

Price: AUD$29.50

121352 Pole Light Base PVC Black

Price: AUD$32.90

121354 Pole Light Base PVC White

Price: AUD$39.40

121358 Replacement lens

Price: AUD$5.30

121360 Replacement lens

Price: AUD$8.70

121362 Replacement lens

Price: AUD$11.20

121364 Replacement lens

Price: AUD$7.30

121398 Light saver

Price: AUD$25.80

121422 Portable Bi-Colour Nav Light

Price: AUD$17.50

121423 Portable Bi-Colour Nav Light LED

Price: AUD$26.70

121424 Portable Clear Navigation Light

Price: AUD$18.00

121425 Portable Clear Navigation Light LED

Price: AUD$25.60

121430 Clamp on Navigation Light

Price: AUD$17.80

121431 Clamp-on Bi-Colour Nav Light LED

Price: AUD$25.30

121432 Clamp on Anchor Riding Light

Price: AUD$18.70

121433 Clamp on Anchor Riding Light LED

Price: AUD$25.60

121460 Portable Nav Lights

Price: AUD$47.50

122002 Fluoro Light Single Tube

Price: AUD$25.50

122006 Large Twin Fluoro Light

Price: AUD$31.80

122008 Twin Fluoro Light - 12 v

Price: AUD$30.50

122016 Fluoro Light 1x8 Watt

Price: AUD$54.51

122018 Fluoro Light 2x8 Watt

Price: AUD$81.60

122020 Removable Chart Light - LED

Price: AUD$47.91

122030 Swivel Bar Light - LED

Price: AUD$50.11

122032 Swivel Bar Light - LED

Price: AUD$78.30

122034 Turn Strip Cabin Light - LED

Price: AUD$46.30

122040 Cabin Lights - LED

Price: AUD$76.80

122042 Cabin Lights - LED

Price: AUD$128.00

122044 Low Profile Interior Light - LED

Price: AUD$166.00

122050 Battery Operated Cabin Light - LED

Price: AUD$31.90

122052 Cabin Light - LED

Price: AUD$88.10

122054 Waterproof Cabin Light - LED

Price: AUD$91.60

122060 Waterproof Courtesy Light - LED

Price: AUD$38.20

122062 Waterproof Exterior Light - LED

Price: AUD$59.80

122080 Waterproof Exterior Light - LED

Price: AUD$51.00

122082 Waterproof Exterior Light with Night Light - LED

Price: AUD$61.30

122084 Waterproof Exterior Light - LED

Price: AUD$55.61

122086 Waterproof Exterior Light with Night Light - LED

Price: AUD$65.90

122090 Waterproof Exterior Light - LED

Price: AUD$50.11

122102 S/S Dome Light

Price: AUD$22.30

122104 S/S Dome Light

Price: AUD$28.80

122106 S/S Dome Light

Price: AUD$33.10

122107 Replacement lens to suit 122102

Price: AUD$7.21

122108 Replacement lens to suit 122104

Price: AUD$9.60

122109 Replacement lens to suit 122106 & 122110

Price: AUD$11.00

122110 S/S Dome Light - red/white

Price: AUD$40.00

122120 Polished Cast S/S Dome Light - With Switch

Price: AUD$88.90

122125 Replacement lens to suit 122120

Price: AUD$21.51

122136 Red-White Cabin Light

Price: AUD$19.70

122154 Opal 11 White

Price: AUD$66.90

122156 Opal 11 Silversand

Price: AUD$75.20

122163 Opal Light - Brass/White

Price: AUD$98.90

122164 Opal Light - Chrome/Blue

Price: AUD$69.30

122166 Sun Light White

Price: AUD$38.30

122167 Sun Light Gold

Price: AUD$27.20

122168 Sun Light Chrome

Price: AUD$51.50

122172 Saturn Light White

Price: AUD$54.00

122174 Saturn Light Chrome

Price: AUD$77.80

122175 Cirro Light - White

Price: AUD$32.60

122178 Halogen Dome Light

Price: AUD$23.40

122180 Halogen Dome Light

Price: AUD$26.80

122182 Halogen Dome Light

Price: AUD$28.90

122184 Square Light

Price: AUD$39.50

122186 Sky Cabin Light white

Price: AUD$47.91

122190 Soft Light

Price: AUD$38.80

122192 Unilight

Price: AUD$32.90

122198 Smart Light - Auto On/Off

Price: AUD$27.70

122200 String Light LED String

Price: AUD$26.70

122203 String Light Joiner

Price: AUD$12.50

122204 Clear mounting channel - per meter

Price: AUD$9.20

122248 Comet Light - Chrome Recessed

Price: AUD$46.81

122249 Comet Light - White Recessed

Price: AUD$40.80

122252 Courtesy Light

Price: AUD$11.10

122254 Targa Cap - White

Price: AUD$51.50

122255 Targa Cap - Chrome

Price: AUD$58.70

122258 Comet Light - Chrome

Price: AUD$59.40

122259 Comet Light - White

Price: AUD$50.30

122261 Comet Light - Surface mount - Chrome

Price: AUD$68.50

122262 Nova Light White

Price: AUD$34.40

122263 Nova Light Gold

Price: AUD$37.10

122264 Nova Light Chrome

Price: AUD$40.80

122265 Bayspot Light - Brass

Price: AUD$94.70

122266 Bayspot Light - Chrome

Price: AUD$104.01

122268 Moon Light White

Price: AUD$26.30

122270 Moon Light Chrome

Price: AUD$32.40

122277 Classic Light - Chrome

Price: AUD$66.60

122278 Halogen Cabin Light - Brass

Price: AUD$43.20

122280 Star Light White

Price: AUD$30.31

122282 Star Light Chrome

Price: AUD$38.30

122286 Gyro Spot Light

Price: AUD$25.50

122292 Domed Bulkhead Light - Brass

Price: AUD$51.40

122294 Domed Bulkhead Light - Chromed

Price: AUD$52.50

122298 Rix Downlight Silversand

Price: AUD$30.31

122299 Rix Downlight Matt Silver

Price: AUD$30.31

122302 Ruff Cabin/Cockpit Light White

Price: AUD$27.01

122304 Ruff Cabin/Cockpit Light Silversand

Price: AUD$34.60

122305 Ruff Cabin/Cockpit Light Matt Silver

Price: AUD$34.60

122306 Surface Mount LED Light

Price: AUD$49.60

122312 Surface Mount LED Light

Price: AUD$58.20

122318 Nova LED Light

Price: AUD$57.50

122320 Nova LED Light

Price: AUD$63.70

122322 Nova LED Light

Price: AUD$67.50

122324 Nova LED Light

Price: AUD$73.90

122326 Pax Recessed Combo Light

Price: AUD$129.00

122328 Pax Recessed Combo Light

Price: AUD$141.00

122329 Pax Recessed Combo Light

Price: AUD$141.00

122332 Rast Dichroic Light

Price: AUD$31.60

122334 Rast Dichroic Light

Price: AUD$42.80

122335 Rast Dichroic Light

Price: AUD$42.80

122341 Oval Light

Price: AUD$7.90

122344 Round Light Switched

Price: AUD$9.10

122345 Oval LED Light

Price: AUD$38.40

122347 Oval LED Light

Price: AUD$40.50

122348 UNI Waterproof Light LED

Price: AUD$34.20

122350 UNI Waterproof Light LED

Price: AUD$36.30

122351 Round Combo Light LED

Price: AUD$30.00

122353 Round Combo Light LED

Price: AUD$33.40

122354 Brass Cabin Light

Price: AUD$72.70

122356 Halogen Bulkhead Light - Brass

Price: AUD$49.30

122357 Halogen Bulkhead Light - Chrome

Price: AUD$49.90

122362 Mini Light White

Price: AUD$61.30

122363 Mini Light Gold

Price: AUD$53.20

122364 Mini Light Chrome

Price: AUD$58.40

122366 Tube LED Bunk Light White

Price: AUD$95.90

122368 Tube LED Bunk Light Chrome

Price: AUD$79.90

122370 Cabin Reading Lights - LED

Price: AUD$32.30

122371 Cabin Reading Lights - LED

Price: AUD$32.30

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