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Hatches & Ventilation

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



173052 SSI Tackle Box

Price: AUD$215.00

173054 SSI Tackle Box

Price: AUD$245.00

173058 Lockable Five Drawer Storage Cabinet

Price: AUD$706.00

173082 Tackle Storage Box Vertical

Price: AUD$110.00

173088 Tackle Storage Box

Price: AUD$219.00

173089 Tackle Storage Box

Price: AUD$239.00

173240 Inspection Hatch - Luran®

Price: AUD$172.00

173242 Inspection Hatch - Luran®

Price: AUD$276.00

173246 Inspection Hatch - Luran®

Price: AUD$154.00

173248 Inspection Hatch - Luran®

Price: AUD$285.00

173250 Lock Set

Price: AUD$21.00

173282 Hinged Access Hatch 381x280

Price: AUD$55.00

173284 Hinged Access Hatch 400 x 328

Price: AUD$66.00

173286 Hinged Access Hatch 595 x 350

Price: AUD$93.70

173312 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$93.60

173313 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$93.60

173314 Europa Access Hatch - White

Price: AUD$124.00

173315 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$124.00

173316 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$120.00

173317 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$120.00

173318 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$150.00

173319 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$150.00

173320 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$205.00

173321 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$205.00

173322 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$240.00

173323 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$240.00

173324 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$182.00

173325 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$182.00

173326 Europa Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$215.00

173327 Europa Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$215.00

173402 Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$65.10

173404 Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$65.10

173406 Access Hatch White

Price: AUD$114.00

173408 Access Hatch Grey

Price: AUD$114.00

173422 Inspection Hatch White

Price: AUD$78.10

173426 Inspection Hatches White

Price: AUD$153.00

173430 Inspection Hatch White

Price: AUD$99.40

173434 Inspection Hatch White

Price: AUD$174.00

174004 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$18.00

174006 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$21.10

174008 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$22.80

174010 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$23.80

174014 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$20.80

174016 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$23.20

174018 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$25.50

174020 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$26.60

174021 Nairn Port White with Storage Bag

Price: AUD$54.80

174022 Nairn Port Black with Storage Bag

Price: AUD$54.80

174024 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$24.10

174026 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$27.30

174028 Nairn Port White

Price: AUD$29.30

174030 Nairn Port Black

Price: AUD$30.31

174032 Nairn Port White with Storage Bag

Price: AUD$59.20

174034 Nairn Port Black with Storage Bag

Price: AUD$60.40

174070 O'Ring Seal

Price: AUD$3.30

174074 White Lid

Price: AUD$8.00

174076 Black Lid

Price: AUD$9.41

174078 Clear Lid

Price: AUD$12.10

174080 O'Ring Seal

Price: AUD$3.70

174082 White Lid

Price: AUD$10.30

174084 Black Lid

Price: AUD$11.90

174086 Clear Lid

Price: AUD$14.70

174090 O'Ring Seal

Price: AUD$4.80

174094 White Lid

Price: AUD$11.70

174096 Black Lid

Price: AUD$12.80

174098 Clear Lid

Price: AUD$17.40

174204 Inspection Port White

Price: AUD$6.80

174206 Inspection Port Black

Price: AUD$5.70

174214 Inspection Port White

Price: AUD$8.90

174216 Inspection Port Black

Price: AUD$8.60

174224 Inspection Port White

Price: AUD$9.60

174226 Inspection Port Black

Price: AUD$9.41

174302 Deck Plate & Key

Price: AUD$96.31

174304 Bronze Deck Plate

Price: AUD$240.00

174308 Alloy Deck Plate

Price: AUD$186.00

174310 Deck Plate & Key

Price: AUD$138.00

174324 Bronze Deck Plate

Price: AUD$301.00

174326 Chrome Deck Plate

Price: AUD$367.00

174328 Alloy Deck Plate

Price: AUD$250.00

174390 Commercial Hatch

Price: AUD$1,718.00

174396 Inspection Hatch

Price: AUD$787.00

174400 Inspection Hatch

Price: AUD$966.00

175003 S/S 3 louvre vent

Price: AUD$29.00

175005 S/S 5 louvre vent

Price: AUD$37.10

175010 10 Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$67.90

175024 4 Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$27.01

175026 6 Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$47.20

175120 Black Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$24.40

175122 White Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$22.70

175124 Chrome Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$63.70

175204 Round Louvre Vent - S/S

Price: AUD$10.70

175212 Round Louvre Vent - Plastic

Price: AUD$14.20

175214 Rectangular Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$10.30

175216 Rectangular Louvre Vent Black

Price: AUD$7.80

175220 Rectangular Louvre Vent Black

Price: AUD$9.50

175230 S/S Louvre

Price: AUD$5.90

175234 S/S Louvre

Price: AUD$8.00

175238 S/S Louvre

Price: AUD$14.20

175242 S/S Louvre

Price: AUD$14.20

175248 316 S/S Vent

Price: AUD$28.90

175302 Midget Vent

Price: AUD$2.00

175304 Midget Vent

Price: AUD$2.20

175310 Compact Clam Vent

Price: AUD$29.30

175320 Clam Vent

Price: AUD$50.11

175322 Clam Vent

Price: AUD$57.20

175328 Cowl Vent - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$54.20

175348 Butterfly Vent s/s

Price: AUD$18.90

175350 Butterfly Vent s/s

Price: AUD$20.10

175354 Mushroom Vent

Price: AUD$36.40

175360 Dorade Cowl Vent

Price: AUD$9.60

175370 Dorade Dome Vent

Price: AUD$43.70

175376 Solar Exhaust Vents - White

Price: AUD$90.90

175378 Solar Exhaust Vents - S/Steel

Price: AUD$121.00

175384 Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vent 76mm ID

Price: AUD$344.00

175385 Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vent 100mm ID

Price: AUD$344.00

175390 Solar MiniVent 1000 - White

Price: AUD$213.00

175391 Solar MiniVent 1000 - S/S

Price: AUD$285.00

175399 Deck Plate - Nicro 100mm

Price: AUD$26.50

175404 Low Line Cowl Vent Snap On

Price: AUD$35.81

175406 Low Line Cowl Vent Screw On

Price: AUD$65.60

175454 UFO Deck Vent

Price: AUD$69.10

176004 Bilge Blower 12V

Price: AUD$51.70

176006 Bilge Blower 24V

Price: AUD$54.60

176010 Turbo 12v In-Line Blower 75mm

Price: AUD$50.20

176012 Turbo 12v In-Line Blower 100mm

Price: AUD$52.31

176014 Inline Bilge Blower 12V

Price: AUD$46.00

176016 Inline Bilge Blower 24V

Price: AUD$48.80

176024 Louvre vent 75/100mm

Price: AUD$41.31

176026 Louvre vent 100mm

Price: AUD$41.60

176028 White Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$3.20

176030 Black Louvre Vent

Price: AUD$3.30

176032 Louvre Vent White

Price: AUD$6.70

176034 Louvre Vent Black

Price: AUD$5.20

176035 Louvre Vent White

Price: AUD$16.50

176036 Louvre Vent Black

Price: AUD$16.50

176038 Blower Hose 75mm (3")

Price: AUD$98.00

176039 Blower Hose 100mm (4")

Price: AUD$113.00

176040 75mm Blower Hose Mount Flange

Price: AUD$9.00

176104 Oscillating Fan

Price: AUD$44.61

G170760 Gray Low Profile Hatch Internal trims

Price: AUD$0.00

G170855 Trapezoid Internal Trims

Price: AUD$0.00

G170928 Trapezoid Insect Screens

Price: AUD$0.00

G170940 Seabreeze Shade Screens

Price: AUD$0.00

G171450 Gray Opening Portlights

Price: AUD$0.00

G171500 Elliptical Opening Portlight - Stainless Trim

Price: AUD$0.00

G171521 Elliptical Gray Opening Portlights

Price: AUD$0.00

G171530 Elliptical Fixed Portlights

Price: AUD$0.00

G171550 2000 Series Extruded Portlights Opening and Fixed

Price: AUD$0.00

G171650 Culé Deck Hatches

Price: AUD$0.00

G171750 Culé Hatch Trims

Price: AUD$0.00

G171800 Culé Hatch Insect Screens

Price: AUD$0.00

G172084 Hatch Seal

Price: AUD$0.00

G173052 Tackle and Storage Boxes

Price: AUD$0.00

G173088 Tackle Storage Box - Horizontal

Price: AUD$0.00

G173240 Inspection Hatches/Lockers - Luran

Price: AUD$0.00

G173282 Hinged Access Hatches

Price: AUD$0.00

G173312 Europa Access Hatches

Price: AUD$0.00

G173402 Access Hatches - Luran

Price: AUD$0.00

G173422 Inspection Hatches - Luran

Price: AUD$0.00

G174004 Inspection Ports - Nairn

Price: AUD$0.00

G174070 Nairn Replacement Parts

Price: AUD$0.00

G174204 Inspection Ports

Price: AUD$0.00

G174240 Watertight Locker Door

Price: AUD$0.00

G174302 Deck Plate & Key - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G174304 Deck Plates- Bronze

Price: AUD$0.00

G174308 Deck Plates - Alloy

Price: AUD$0.00

G174390 Commercial Hatches - Cast Alloy

Price: AUD$0.00

G174396 Inspection Hatches - Cast Alloy

Price: AUD$0.00

G175003 Louvre Vents - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G175024 Louvre Vents - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G175120 Louvre Vents - Plastic

Price: AUD$0.00

G175216 Rectangular Louvre Vents - Plastic

Price: AUD$0.00

G175230 Louvre Vents - Polished Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G175302 Midget Vents - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G175320 Clam Vents

Price: AUD$0.00

G175348 Butterfly Vents - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$0.00

G175376 Solar Exhaust Vents - Economy

Price: AUD$0.00

G175384 Day/Night Plus Solar Vent

Price: AUD$0.00

G175390 MiniVent 1000 - Solar Vents

Price: AUD$0.00

G175404 Low Line Cowl Vents

Price: AUD$0.00

G176004 Bilge Blowers - Standard

Price: AUD$0.00

G176010 Turbo In-Line Blower

Price: AUD$0.00

G176014 Bilge Blowers - Inline

Price: AUD$0.00

G176024 Louvre Vents - with Tail

Price: AUD$0.00

G176028 Square Louvre Vents

Price: AUD$0.00

G176032 Louvre Vents - Plastic with Tail

Price: AUD$0.00

G176038 Blower Hose - PVC

Price: AUD$0.00

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