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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



527470 Polar Paddle White

Price: AUD$169.00

527472 Polar Paddle Flame

Price: AUD$169.00

527476 Polar Paddle Oceans

Price: AUD$154.00

527478 Polar Paddle White

Price: AUD$169.00

527480 Polar Paddle Flame

Price: AUD$169.00

527484 Polar Paddle Oceans

Price: AUD$169.00

527502 Polar Paddle White

Price: AUD$169.00

527504 Polar Paddle Flame

Price: AUD$169.00

527508 Polar Paddle Oceans

Price: AUD$199.00

527544 Polar Paddle White

Price: AUD$228.00

527552 Polar Paddle White

Price: AUD$228.00

527554 Polar Paddle Flame

Price: AUD$228.00

527558 Polar Paddle Oceans

Price: AUD$249.00

527608 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$292.00

527612 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$321.00

527616 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$321.00

527620 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$321.00

527624 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$292.00

527628 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$321.00

527662 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$403.00

527666 Arctic Paddle

Price: AUD$366.00

527696 Speed Wing Paddles

Price: AUD$344.00

527700 Speed Wing Paddles

Price: AUD$344.00

527704 Speed Wing Paddles

Price: AUD$313.01

527708 Speed Wing Paddles

Price: AUD$344.00

527738 Speed Wing Paddles

Price: AUD$387.00

527908 'T' Grip Standard Paddle Green

Price: AUD$71.50

527914 'T' Grip Standard Paddle Green

Price: AUD$71.50

529000 Malone Roof Racks

Price: AUD$232.00

529002 Malone Roof Racks

Price: AUD$251.00

529020 Malone Telos™ AutoLoader - Carrier

Price: AUD$501.00

529026 Malone J-Pro2 - Carrier

Price: AUD$232.00

529030 Malone J-Loader AutoLoader™ - Carrier

Price: AUD$271.00

529034 Malone DownLoader™ - Carrier

Price: AUD$309.00

529038 Malone Stax Pro2 - Carrier Kit

Price: AUD$259.00

529042 Malone SeaWing™ - Carrier

Price: AUD$271.00

529046 Malone SeaWing™ Stinger™ Combo - Carrier

Price: AUD$425.00

529054 Malone Saddle Up Pro™ - Carrier Kit

Price: AUD$309.00

529058 Malone Big Foot Pro™ - Carrier Kit

Price: AUD$185.00

529080 Malone Foam Roof Bar Block

Price: AUD$32.80

529084 Malone Stacker Block Kit

Price: AUD$39.80

529088 Malone JDock™ Hybrid - Storage Rack

Price: AUD$131.00

529094 Malone Roof Bar Sleeves

Price: AUD$57.20

529098 Malone Ratchet Tie Down Kit

Price: AUD$62.21

529524 Replacement Rudder

Price: AUD$70.70

529526 Replacement Rudder - Short

Price: AUD$70.70

529546 Hatch Lid

Price: AUD$104.01

529547 Hatch Lid (excludes neo cover)

Price: AUD$74.31

529548 Neoprene Cover

Price: AUD$73.21

529550 Hatch Lid

Price: AUD$51.70

529552 Neoprene Cover

Price: AUD$80.50

529554 Round Rubber Hatch Lid

Price: AUD$57.50

529558 Black Plastic Saddles

Price: AUD$2.20

529562 Plano Tackle Box

Price: AUD$20.90

529608 Wear Pad to suit Malibu Two

Price: AUD$5.70

529610 Wear Skeg to suit Loon 111

Price: AUD$22.40

529614 Pop Rivet

Price: AUD$2.20

529625 S/S Button Head Socket Screw

Price: AUD$2.30

529641 Web Mount Kit

Price: AUD$19.90

529660 S/S CSK Head Socket Screw

Price: AUD$3.30

529678 Paddle Hand Locator

Price: AUD$5.20

529682 Drip Ring

Price: AUD$5.70

529686 Trimlock T/S Scupper Pro & Cabo

Price: AUD$76.00

529688 Trimlock T/S Prowler

Price: AUD$53.30

529690 Nut to suit Smart Shaft

Price: AUD$35.10

601008 Minn Kota Endura C2 30 W/Battery Meter

Price: AUD$261.00

601530 Minn Kota RipTide RT40SC 26" Canoe Transom Mount - Saltwater

Price: AUD$576.00

601536 Minn Kota RipTide RT55S 26" Canoe Transom Mount - Saltwater

Price: AUD$1,068.00

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