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Anchoring & Mooring

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



145146 S/S short link chain 100kg - 6mm

Price: AUD$3,427.00

145150 S/S short link chain per meter - 8mm

Price: AUD$71.20

145152 S/S short link chain 50kg - 8mm

Price: AUD$1,705.00

145154 S/S short link chain 100kg - 8mm

Price: AUD$3,373.00

145156 S/S short link chain 500kg - 8mm

Price: AUD$13,265.00

145158 S/S short link chain per meter - 10mm

Price: AUD$142.00

145160 S/S short link chain 50kg - 10mm

Price: AUD$1,628.00

145162 S/S short link chain 100kg - 10mm

Price: AUD$3,219.00

145166 S/S short link chain per meter - 13mm

Price: AUD$146.00

145170 S/S short link chain 100kg - 13mm

Price: AUD$2,730.00

145172 S/S short link chain 500kg - 13mm

Price: AUD$9,463.00

145962 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$193.00

145966 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$212.00

145970 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$254.00

145974 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$332.00

145976 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$253.00

145978 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$267.00

145980 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$417.00

145982 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$315.00

145986 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$444.00

145987 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$333.00

145988 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$540.00

145990 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$658.00

145996 Nylon Rope and Chain

Price: AUD$789.00

146013 Sand anchor kit - 4lbs

Price: AUD$53.41

146014 Sand anchor kit - 4lbs

Price: AUD$58.60

146015 Sand anchor kit - 6lbs

Price: AUD$61.60

146016 Sand anchor kit - 6lbs

Price: AUD$66.00

146017 Sand anchor kit - 8lbs

Price: AUD$84.40

146018 Sand anchor kit - 8lbs

Price: AUD$94.90

146019 Sand anchor kit - 10lbs

Price: AUD$83.20

146020 Sand anchor kit - 10lbs

Price: AUD$117.00

146021 Sand anchor kit - 13lbs

Price: AUD$114.00

146022 Sand anchor kit - 13lbs

Price: AUD$128.00

146023 Sand anchor kit - 4lbs

Price: AUD$67.00

146024 Sand anchor kit - 6lbs

Price: AUD$75.10

146025 Sand anchor kit - 6lbs

Price: AUD$68.20

146026 Sand anchor kit - 6lbs

Price: AUD$77.80

146028 Sand anchor kit - 8lbs

Price: AUD$113.00

146029 Sand anchor kit - 8lbs

Price: AUD$107.00

146032 Sand anchor kit - 10lbs

Price: AUD$134.00

146033 Sand anchor kit - 13lbs

Price: AUD$146.00

146034 Sand anchor kit - 8lbs

Price: AUD$134.00

146036 Sand anchor kit - 10lbs

Price: AUD$163.00

146038 Sand anchor kit - 13lbs

Price: AUD$152.00

146042 Sand Anchor 3lb

Price: AUD$13.30

146044 Sand Anchor 4lb

Price: AUD$17.20

146046 Sand Anchor 6lb

Price: AUD$25.91

146048 Sand Anchor 8lb

Price: AUD$34.00

146050 Sand Anchor 10lb

Price: AUD$42.60

146052 Sand Anchor 13lb

Price: AUD$59.30

146054 Sand Anchor 16lb

Price: AUD$69.00

146060 Sand Anchor 22lb

Price: AUD$94.50

146062 Sand Anchor 27lb

Price: AUD$114.00

146064 Sand Anchor 35lb

Price: AUD$152.00

146066 Sand Anchor 45lb

Price: AUD$189.00

146072 Sand Anchor 80lb

Price: AUD$396.00

146074 Sand Anchor 100lb

Price: AUD$494.00

146102 Slip Ring Sand Anchor 4lb

Price: AUD$22.20

146104 Slip Ring Sand Anchor 6lb

Price: AUD$32.90

146106 Slip Ring Sand Anchor 8lb

Price: AUD$43.70

146110 Slip Ring Sand Anchor 13lb

Price: AUD$71.50

146152 Plough Anchor 10lb

Price: AUD$54.30

146154 Plough Anchor 15lb

Price: AUD$82.30

146156 Plough Anchor 20lb

Price: AUD$109.00

146158 Plough Anchor 27lb

Price: AUD$146.00

146160 Plough Anchor 35lb

Price: AUD$194.00

146162 Plough Anchor 45lb

Price: AUD$251.00

146164 Plough Anchor 60lb

Price: AUD$339.00

146166 Plough Anchor 80lb

Price: AUD$485.00

146168 Plough Anchor 100lb

Price: AUD$585.00

146182 S/S Plough Anchor - 10lb

Price: AUD$350.00

146184 S/S Plough Anchor - 15lb

Price: AUD$466.00

146186 S/S Plough Anchor - 20lb

Price: AUD$616.00

146188 S/S Plough Anchor - 27lb

Price: AUD$834.00

146190 S/S Plough Anchor - 33lb

Price: AUD$1,049.00

146202 Cast Iron Self Align Anchor 5.0kg

Price: AUD$75.41

146203 S/S Self Align Anchor 5.0kg

Price: AUD$363.00

146204 Cast Iron Self Align Anchor 7.5kg

Price: AUD$113.00

146205 S/S Self Align Anchor 7.5kg

Price: AUD$603.00

146206 Cast Iron Self Align Anchor 10.0kg

Price: AUD$151.00

146207 S/S Self Align Anchor 10.0kg

Price: AUD$725.00

146208 Cast Iron Self Align Anchor 15.0kg

Price: AUD$234.00

146209 S/S Self Align Anchor 15.0kg

Price: AUD$1,088.00

146210 Cast Iron Self Align Anchor 20.0kg

Price: AUD$344.00

146211 S/S Self Align Anchor 20.0kg

Price: AUD$1,503.00

146352 Grapnel Anchor - 2kg

Price: AUD$29.70

146354 Grapnel Anchor - 3kg

Price: AUD$44.20

146356 Grapnel Anchor - 4kg

Price: AUD$59.30

146358 Grapnel Anchor - 5kg

Price: AUD$73.90

146360 Grapnel Anchor - 6kg

Price: AUD$88.80

146362 Grapnel Anchor - 8kg

Price: AUD$119.00

146404 Reef Anchor Kit - 8mm

Price: AUD$68.50

146406 Reef anchor kit 8mm

Price: AUD$78.71

146407 Reef Anchor Kit - 10mm

Price: AUD$60.60

146409 Reef anchor kit 10mm

Price: AUD$79.00

146410 Reef Anchor Kit - 10mm

Price: AUD$69.20

146412 Reef anchor kit 10mm

Price: AUD$82.20

146413 Reef Anchor Kit - 13mm

Price: AUD$108.00

146415 Reef anchor kit 13mm

Price: AUD$109.00

146416 Reef Anchor Kit - 13mm

Price: AUD$106.00

146418 Reef anchor kit 13mm

Price: AUD$118.00

146422 Reef Anchor 4 Prong 6mm

Price: AUD$9.70

146424 Reef Anchor 4 Prong 8mm

Price: AUD$13.40

146426 Reef Anchor 4 Prong 10mm

Price: AUD$20.70

146428 Reef Anchor 5 Prong 10mm

Price: AUD$25.40

146430 Reef Anchor 4 Prong 13mm

Price: AUD$37.50

146432 Reef Anchor 5 Prong 13mm

Price: AUD$41.60

146442 Folding Reef Anchor 8mm

Price: AUD$15.40

146444 Folding Reef Anchor 10mm

Price: AUD$34.20

146462 Folding Anchor Kit 1.5kg

Price: AUD$66.61

146464 Folding Anchor Kit 2.5kg

Price: AUD$76.00

146466 Folding Anchor Kit 3.2kg

Price: AUD$104.01

146910 Sea Anchor sm

Price: AUD$194.00

146912 Sea Anchor med

Price: AUD$204.00

146914 Sea Anchor large

Price: AUD$174.00

161002 S/S 'D' Shackle 4mm (5/32")

Price: AUD$2.60

161004 S/S \'D\' Shackle 5mm (3/16\)"""

Price: AUD$2.90

161006 S/S \'D\' Shackle 6mm (1/4\)"""

Price: AUD$3.50

161008 S/S \'D\' Shackle 8mm (5/16\)"""

Price: AUD$5.40

161010 S/S \'D\' Shackle 10mm (3/8\)"""

Price: AUD$9.10

161012 S/S \'D\' Shackle 12mm (1/2\)"""

Price: AUD$14.10

161014 S/S \'D\' Shackle 16mm (5/8\)"""

Price: AUD$33.20

161016 S/S\'D\' Shackle 19mm (3/4\)"""

Price: AUD$52.70

161130 Bow Shackle 6mm

Price: AUD$3.00

161132 Bow Shackle 8mm

Price: AUD$6.11

161134 Bow Shackle 10mm

Price: AUD$9.70

161136 Bow Shackle 12mm

Price: AUD$16.10

165452 Eye & Eye Swivel 6mm

Price: AUD$10.51

165454 Eye & Eye Swivel 8mm

Price: AUD$16.90

165456 Eye & Eye Swivel 10mm

Price: AUD$26.60

165458 Eye & Eye Swivel 12mm

Price: AUD$52.31

352912 Dockline Rope

Price: AUD$254.00

352914 Dockline Rope

Price: AUD$427.00

352918 Dockline Rope

Price: AUD$612.00

354506 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$160.00

354508 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$143.00

354510 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$220.00

354514 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$219.00

354515 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$382.00

354516 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$283.00

354517 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$475.00

354518 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$657.00

354519 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$721.00

354520 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$201.00

354521 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$1,236.00

354524 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$355.00

354528 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$490.00

354532 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$705.00

354536 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$946.00

354540 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$1,250.00

354544 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$1,574.00

354548 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$1,950.00

354552 Nylon 3 Strand Rope

Price: AUD$2,807.00

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