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Marine Direct Boat Refrigeration

We offer two types of marine refrigeration:

  • Plate Type Refrigeration

  • Eutectic Refrigeration.

Both have advantages depending on the owners usage patterns.

Most refrigeration systems uses a compressor to compress gas.  The gas expands in the evaporation plate or tank causing it to cool.  This cooling removes the heat from objects in the refrigerator or ice box.  This process does not cool the objects, it removes the heat from them and transfers this heat to the evaporation plate or eutectic tank.

A refrigeration system with thin evaporation plates will cycle many times a day, some times up to 20 times.  The compressor will run longer if the thermostat is turned down towards the coolest setting.  Heat in objects is transferred to the evaporation plate each time it cycles.  The compressor operates frequently because the thin evaporation plate is unable to store the cold.

A eutectic system still uses a compressor but incorporates a tank filled with liquid that continually freezes and then defrosts.  As the liquid freezes in the tank, its cooling energy is stored.  This stored cooling ability is then released as the tank defrosts drawing heat from objects in the cool box.  When the tank has almost defrosted the compressor starts again to freeze the liquids and repeat the process.   This process is called a Eutectic phase.

We have experience in installing both types of systems and are able to recommend a suitable system for your application.

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