Galvanic Corrosion & Electrolysis Protection
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Alloy Boat Corrosion Book at Catalogue, Galvanic Corrosion & Electrolysis Protection
Alloy Boat Corrosion Book


Alloy Boat Corrosion Book

"The only practical book on the subject with clear illustrations, examples & solutions.  Written by Australians for Australian boats and boating conditions!"

Learn about how and why corrosion occurs on your alloy boat, and the simple steps you can take to prevent it. Most people don't understand why corrosion happens or what to do about it.

This colourful book will guide you through the maze and give you practical advice on what you should do and how to do it. The causes of corrosion are explained simply in an easy to read manner, and practical examples guide you through the solutions.

Authors:  Peter VanderWeyde and Brad Fox

Chapters include:

1    Introduction   

2    Science of Corrosion   

2.1    Galvanic Corrosion   

2.2    Electrolytic Corrosion   

2.3    Pitting   

2.4    Corrosion Case Studies   

2.5    Summary   

3    Protection By Separation   

3.1    Summary   

4    Cathodic Protection    

4.1    What Is It?   

4.2    Types of Sacrificial Anodes   

4.3    Do I Need It?   

4.4    Mounting Anodes   

4.5    Anodes on Your Motor   

4.6    Fitting Anodes   

4.7    Summary   

5    Care and Maintenance   

5.1    Cleaning   

5.2    Storage   

5.3    Maintenance   

5.4    Summary   

6    Time For Action


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