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Wireless Marine Broadband Antenna- High Gain at Catalogue, Signal Booster, Marine Broadband Antennas, Marine Telephone Systems
Wireless Marine Broadband Antenna- High Gain
Item Code: MDA746

Marine Direct Marine Antenna
includes modem/phone Pigtail connection adapter cable.

Use to connect USB Stick modem and mobile telephones WITH external antenna jack.  We need to know make and model of your wireless modem or mobile phone.

Note that the price of this antenna INCLUDES the custom Pigtail connection cable.    You will also  need to purchase antenna cable, minimum 5 metres.

The Antenna is a high performance antenna using three 1/2 wave section radiators. This provides high gain, giving reliable offshore mobile phone and broadband coverage.

It can connect to any mobile phone or wireless modem with an external antenna jack.

Our unique design gives low VSWR and broadband width. Supplied with a quality standard marine mount, ideal for any style and construction of sailing yacht or motor cruiser.

Provides a 7db gain for 800/850/900 MHz

Provides a 2.5db gain for 1800/1900/2100 MHz

This Antenna is possibly the best multiband marine antenna available in Australia and will operate on nearly all mobile frequencies world wide.  ie. it is a QUAD BAND ANTENNA. Its compact at 86cm High with a 7dB gain

Networks: GSM, CDMA and 3G (NextG 850Mhz and 2100MHz)

Pigtail Connector Cable is the thin wire between antenna cable and broadband modem.

The Marine  Antenna comes with:

20cm of RG58 cable supplied with N Female connector

Base or Pole marine mount  

A "Pigtail" connector to attach to your phone or broadband modem.

This antenna will require additional cable. Please order the antenna cable from this section of our website.  We only sell the very best "super low loss cable."


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Price(each) AUD: $310.00
Mount Required: 
Wireless Modem or Phone Make & Model: 
The antenna is sold with a patch cable from your wireless modem or mobile telephone. You need to order the antenna cable. The minimum length is 5 metres etc. You will find the antenna cable in this section of our website. The default shipping for this antenna by courier is $25. If you live in a remote area then extra freight charges may apply. International freight charges depend on total weight of antenna and cable length weight and are approximately $150 by Fedex or DHL or similar. If the freight is extra we will inform you before we ship. We have been selling these types of antenna products for 15 years now. This product will improve the reception and transmission IF there is a signal in the area. However, if there is NO signal in the environment then it "cannot multiply nothing." The product is sold as a custom product and there are no returns. Manufacturer's warranty applies.
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