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Marine Mobile Phone Signal Boosting System- For Calls & Data at Catalogue, Signal Booster, Marine Broadband Antennas, Marine Telephone Systems
Marine Mobile Phone Signal Boosting System- For Calls & Data


Marine Mobile Phone System with Signal Boosting* Function

For boats, RV, and even remote holiday homes.

2015...... New model- many new features.  (Replaces our previous booster product)

Can operate legally in Australia.  (*Up to 7db of improvement- which is a lot!)

Works worldwide with all major mobile phone systems including Japan and USA.

Full commercial "Best of Everything" system.  Phone, Internet & Data at your fingertips.

Suited to small cruisers, commercial boats, cruise boats, oil rigs, ships at sea, remote mining, resorts and farming locations.

Supports multiple data users at one time.  Suitable for Skype connections.

Kit comes complete with the boosterbox, cable, and 7db marine antenna and mount.

Booster Kit- Phone System, Marine Grade 1 metre antenna available with base or pole mount. 12 volt DC Adapter, cables, ADSL Splitter, Phone Cables, Custom made cables available.

Antenna is base mount or pole mount.

Custom made antenna cables are available in lengths from 10 metres up.   See bottom of this page.


"Especially supplied to Marine Direct Australia using the very best commercial grade components to provide a simple solution."

Works on all common European, Asian, Australian and New Zealand mobile telephone and mobile broadband data frequencies.  Works on Telstra Next G, 3G, GSM, Optus and Vodaphone and most international systems. Even the USA and Japan!

Frequencies: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 & 2100MHz.

Up to 7db gain achievable depending on carrier, frequency, position of antenna & existing signal strength.  (7db is a quantum improvement in reception capabilities.)

Quad band full marine grade tuned metre high antenna.

Simple To Use...slip your Sim card into the unit. Connect an ordinary house phone or cordless phone to make normal telephone calls. Use WiFi to surf the net.  Or connect using your mobile and make Skype VoiP calls.

Any owner of a mobile phone in a remote area can use this system to make calls or use the internet using their own mobile telephone account.


Delivery in Australia by Express Post.  Worldwide delivery by courier.  Easy Order online.

Application: Vehicles, marine, mining, & remote area applications. Oil rigs.  Great where several users need access to the web.

Marine grade fibreglass multi frequency antenna for  versatility and long life.

Range/Performance: Improves the transmitting and reception of existing Telstra Next G and 3G signals. Suited to Vodaphone and Optus networks.   Will work with most mobile phone systems worldwide.  Specifically designed to improve voice and data reception and transmission in fringe areas.    Improves cellular signal for GSM towards maximum 35km range. 

Versatile for ships at sea, freeing users from one physical spot on the boat.  Can use standard phone for calls.  Or make Skype type calls using WiFi

Solution: This system is designed for areas of extremely low outside mobile signal strength and also when optimal voice and data connections are top priority.
Advantage: Universal use for phone calls, multiple data users and Voip.  Extends communication range and improves reception and transmitting capabilities.

Note:  Increased range varies based upon placed height of antenna, type of cable used, mobile phone carrier, physical and weather considferations, and location of mobile cell tower.

Antenna Cables: A standard10 metre cable is included with the booster.  Custom made antenna cables can be ordered. Minimum is 10 metres.

Please click here to order Custom Cables.

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Price(each) AUD: $935.00
Antenna Fixture: 
This product consists of the telephone system and a metre long antenna which is bulky and more expensive to ship. The default freight charge is $30 to most locations in Australia.

If you live in a remote location, there may be additional freight charges and we will advise you of these prior to shipping.

International orders have a default freight charge between $100 and $150 as we must use a forwarder such as Fedex or UPS. Any additional freight charges will be advised.

The benefit of this product relies on several factors including height of antenna, existing signal strength, lean of boat, mobile phone company, weather, terrain and operating frequency.

The sale of this product is final and there are no returns. Manufacturer's warranty applies.



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