Boat Alarms with SMS Photo Alerts
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Boat Alarms with SMS Photo Alerts at Catalogue

Boat & Caravan Alarms with SMS Alerting & Photo Recording Of Thieves!  Australian Distributor.

Boat Alarms with SMS Photo Alerts

Two very good "Do It Yourself" alarm systems for boats & caravans. 

The first is a traditional alarm system to detect intruders or to alert you to high bilge water.  The system sends an SMS to your mobile phone and can activate a siren and flashing light.  Around $1200 for a basic system.

The second system is an infra red camera incorporated with a motion detctor.  When movement is detected it sends an SMS photo of whats happening to your mobile phone or email address.   You can even tell the camera to send you apicture on demand or listen in. Around $300 for a basic system.

Each system requires a Vodaphone 365 day plan costing about $100 per year.  Some very simple programming is required to set the unit up.  Full instructions are included.

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Detector with SMS Photo Alerts
New Product coming December 2013
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MarinAlert Boat Alarms
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